Corporate Social Responsibility

We know that it takes more than just nice words and good intentions to make the world a better place to live. Making a lasting contribution requires one to deliver real actions. It may come in various forms – a monetary support, an environmentally responsible behaviour or advising those in need are only a few of the possibilities. 

Therefore, on top of continuously striving to fulfil and exceed our clients’ expectations, we feel a wider responsibility – what we do every day helps to increase the transparency and reliability of the Estonian business environment and contributes to alleviating the problems in the society. 

We take pride in conducting our own business in an honest and ethical manner, we participate in vocational associations and legislative drafting as well as share our knowledge in training sessions and seminars. 

We believe everyone has the right to a good education to build a foundation for a successful future. For this, we support the educational aspirations of bright young people from foster homes and orphanages, offering scholarships for their university studies complemented with the advice of a personal mentor. 

We help those in greater need. We participate in various charity initiatives, including supporting the Estonian Food Bank. In addition to offering funding, our employees act as volunteers to make a contribution of their time and know-how. 

We care about those we work with – respect and value our colleagues, share work-related knowledge and experience, appreciate healthy ways of living and promote sports and active lifestyle. Our ongoing efforts to offer great working conditions and benefits together with the positive, supportive atmosphere and feeling of equality has resulted in us earning the honourable number 2 position in the Dream Employer competition in 2016. 

We think and act green – both in the office and outside, being conscientious about the environment around us.

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Alice Ligi

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