Sustainable Development Goals

How do you integrate the Sustainable Development Goals in your own organisation?

The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that were launched by the United Nations in 2015, have led to a lot of excitement. Companies and organizations want to contribute to the solution of global challenges such as poverty, inequality and climate change. Every organization is different, and so it makes sense to focus on the SDGs on which the organization can make the greatest impact. But which SDGs are these? How do you integrate the SDGs into your strategy to actually make an impact? How do you measure progress and report about it to the outside world?

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A contribution to the SDGs also benefits your own organization   

Making societal impact has been a growing priority for companies and organizations. Both because they are intrinsically motivated to contribute to society, and because their stakeholders expect them to. Connecting (a selection of) SDGs to your strategy also has business benefits. Increasing positive and decreasing negative impacts of your organization reduces risks and costs and leads to increased trust and higher growth in your organization. Moreover, contributing to the SDGs as a global movement means that companies and organizations that connect the SDGs to their strategy speak the same language, can compare themselves with each other and are able to partner more easily to accelerate realisation of these global goals.

We help companies around the world with implementing the SDGs

We help companies and organizations in different sectors all around the world integrating the chosen SDGs in their strategy and reports. Besides, in a collaboration with GRI and the UN Global Compact, PwC has contributed significantly to drafting indicators with which business can measure progress on the SDGs. As an organization, we gained first-hand experience when coupling SDGs to the Strategy of PwC the Netherlands and developing concrete indicators and objectives related to the goals. Besides, we annually publish research into the manners in which different sectors integrate the SDGs in their strategy and reporting.

How we can help:

  • Which SDGs should you focus on? - Focussing on seventeen goals is too much. Which SDGs are most relevant for your organization? In which areas can you make the most impact?
  • How can you integrate the SDGs in your strategy and operations? - Not a separate SDG-strategy, but the SDGs integrated in your corporate strategy. How can you design your processes in a way that they contribute positively to this strategy?  
  • Are you on track to make your contribution to the SDGs?  - Are you making the impact you want to make? Which indicators do you use to measure your progress?
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