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Key achievements of PwC Estonia’s STRATEGIC CONSULTATIONS in 2021


We continued to advise the Government of the Republic of Estonia on the ongoing implementation of the state reform and supported the Education and Youth Board, the Agriculture and Food Board, the Transport Administration and the Environmental Board in implementation of their budget and cost accounting systems. As a part of the system set-up, the different types of public services provided by joint administrations, their business processes, areas of responsibility and organisational structures were reviewed, and their financial function was supported so that they could better organise the accounting of the provision of public services.


At the request of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, we analysed the opportunities of consolidating the railway infrastructure management and integration of rail transport with other modes of transport. We provided an economic and legal analysis of the four possible development scenarios for the railway infrastructure management and made proposals for establishing the optimal governance and management structure. We assessed the possibilities of merging AS Eesti Raudtee with the Transport Administration, the practicability of setting up a new public infrastructure company that would be independent of the mode of infrastructure, a scenario for re-establishing a group (merging AS Operail and AS Eesti Raudtee) and the present model with opportunities for reorganising the specific roles and responsibilities.


At the request of the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Environmental Investment Centre, and the foundation KredEx, we analysed the necessity for subsidising electric vehicle purchases and provided an overview of the market situation regarding electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure. The support measure for subsidising purchases will not be continued under previous conditions. Our study was an important input for developing a new support measure for subsidising purchases of low-emission vehicles.


For several decades, PwC has been conducting a global CEO survey, whose results are usually presented at Davos World Economic Forum. In parallel with the global survey, PwC Estonia, PwC Latvia, and PwC Lithuania have always conducted their own CEO survey to ask from their CEO-s how the latter assess the economic situation, challenges on the labour market, key business risks, work of their government, etc. Almost 300 CEO-s took part in the pan-Baltic survey last year.


At the request of Tallinn Strategic Management Office and in cooperation with PwC Legal we analysed potential retail sales restrictions planned for points of sales that specialise on selling alcoholic beverages. We established whether a local government could legally restrict the sales of goods other than alcoholic beverages in liquor stores to reduce the exposure of minors to alcohol. We assessed the economic impact of the planned measures on the specialised points of sales across various product groups and the proportionality of the potential impact given the objective of such restrictions. We also assessed the compliance of such measures with national and EU law.


At the request of the Ministry of Environment, we analysed the way of organising paid services provided by the agencies that are subordinated to the Ministry of Environment. We analysed the requirements for quality management and the model for providing services, the basis for pricing and cost accounting, the market situation and existence of competition, the legal framework, service recipients and the way in which the services are communicated. As a result of our work, we submitted our observations and proposals to plan paid services and to organise them in a more efficient manner, including recommendations and guidelines for establishing common principles for all relevant agencies.


We helped shoulder a part of the burden of the healthcare sector and advised the following institutions on various issues during the year: the Health Board, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, Centre of Health and Wellbeing Information Systems, Ministry of Social Affairs, the North Estonian Medical Centre, Tartu University Hospital and Ida-Viru Central Hospital.


We took an unprecedented step in the history of PwC Estonia’s management consultations and launched our biggest ever consultation projects funded by the European Commission. The projects have a total volume exceeding one million euros and their aim is to implement various public sector reforms and initiatives in Estonia.


We further embedded our leading position in the field of internal audits and risk management of the financial sector, by performing successful internal audit projects in the wide range of fields: mapping and assessing risks, the general structure and effectiveness of the internal control system, responsible lending, preventing money laundering, processing loan applications, handling claims, monitoring of investment restrictions, business continuity, PSD2 security requirements.


We continued and further improved our long-term cooperation with the non-profit organisation Responsible Business Forum Estonia in organising their annual top event – the Responsible Business Index. The objective of the competition is to find the most responsible organisation and to pay tribute to them by awarding them a quality label. Last year, we invested the time of our people into automatising the data processing of the index and digitizing the relevant reports. Organisations participating in the index can now analyse their results online, using a dynamic report that received very positive feedback from the participants.

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