Business contacts

Collection of personal data

PwC processes personal data about contacts (existing and potential PwC clients and/or individuals associated with them) using a customer relationship management system (the “PwC CRM”).

The collection of personal data about contacts and the addition of that personal data to the PwC CRM is initiated by a PwC user and will include name, employer name, contact title, phone, email, and other business contact details. In addition, the PwC CRM may collect data from PwC email (sender name, recipient name, date and time) and calendar (organiser name, participant name, date and time of event) systems concerning interactions between PwC users and contacts or third parties. 

Use of personal data

Personal data relating to business contacts may be visible to and used by PwC users to learn more about an account, client or opportunity they have an interest in, and may be used for the following purposes:

● Developing our businesses and services;

● Providing information to you about us and our range of services;

● Making personal data available to PwC employees for performing services and for offering new services;

● Identifying clients with similar needs;

● Marketing, providing information to you about us and our range of services; and

● Performing analytics such as on market trends, relationships maps or sales opportunities.

In addition, the PwC CRM uses an algorithm to evaluate the strength of interactions between a PwC user and a contact.  This ranking is primarily based on interaction frequency, duration, recency and response time.   

Legal basis for processing

We will process our business contacts’ personal data based on our legitimate business interests or consent, if the data subject has been requested to express one. We have an interest in marketing our services or providing communications which we think will be of interest to recipients. 

Data retention

Personal data will be retained on the PwC CRM for as long as it is necessary for the purposes set out above  (e.g. for as long as we have, or need to keep a record of, a relationship with a business contact).



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