Tax dispute resolution practice

PwC Legal’s group of Tax Dispute Resolution practice consists of integrated teams that are responsible for the resolution of tax disputes. We offer our clients the highest level of dispute resolution and negotiation skills, often enabling them to reach the most economically advantageous solution still in the pre-trial phase of a dispute.

The core part of Tax Disputes Resolution practice of PwC Legal is related to tax disputes. Being a member of PwC’s Tax Controversy and Dispute Resolution group, and subject to client’s acceptance, we can work with PwC's tax team to utilise the support from the world class tax experts and offer our clients exceptional solutions that have already been proven in international practice.

In the eyes of international and local clients we have already managed to earn the reputation of a reliable partner when dealing with various tax disputes in courts.

Our services

  • Support and consultations during the tax dispute prevention and tax investigation/review phases
  • Legal representation in tax disputes heard during the pre-trial stage of the dispute and in administrative courts of all instances
  • Development of a dispute resolution strategy and its implementation
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