PwC, CEE GTI and PSPA — smart mobility partnership and smart cities joint project

PwC Central and Eastern Europe, CEE GTI (Central and Eastern Europe Green Transport Initiative) and PSPA (The Polish Alternative Fuels Association) are working jointly on a project that will strive for a better understanding of smart cities and mobility in major Central and Eastern European cities. 

The report, the first of its kind in the region, recognises the critical importance of cities and smart mobility in delivering green policies essential to a sustainable future. Taking a comprehensive view of the current state of urban ecosystems in the CEE region, the research will focus on identifying best practices in data and tech-driven mobility inside and outside the region.


It is clear that improving urban mobility underpins all aspects of smart city living and I believe this joint report with our partners at PSPA and CEE GTI will provide a useful baseline for improving how cities in our region function.

Jens Hörning, PwC Partner, CEE Industrial Manufacturing and Automotive Industry Leader

The research findings are scheduled to be presented at the New Mobility Congress 2024 and the project builds upon PwC’s status as Program Partner with PSPA at this year’s Congress. The report will strive to localise the methodology used in PwC’s global report Smart Cities: Mobility ecosystems for a more sustainable future

At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. Developing and accelerating the growth of a zero-emission transport network is one of the most critical issues that we face. I believe that our joint research can make a contribution to promoting multidisciplinary work that can make a cleaner future possible.

Albena Markova, PwC Partner and CEE Sustainability Leader

We are excited to be partnering with PwC on this project and look forward to showcasing some of the transformational smart mobility initiatives already underway in the CEE region. At the heart of what we do is building a community of vehicle and infrastructure producers, local and national governments, operators and providers of charging services, fuel and energy companies and other stakeholders in sustainable transport. I am confident that this joint project will be an important step in shaping the e-mobility and hydrogen technology market in the CEE region.

Maciej Mazur, Managing Director of PSPA

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