The Managing Partner of PwC Azerbaijan Movlan Pashayev will be discussing "Economical and Social Impact of Gas projects to Azerbaijan" on Eurasia Gas Summit in Abu Dhabi

In February 25-26, 2014 the Managing Partner of PwC Azerbaijan is to speak at “Eurasia Gas” Summit presented by Academy & Finance in partnership with Kazenergy Eurasian Forum in Abu Dhabi. The ultimate goal of this high profile business summit is discussion of future significant increase in exports of vast gas resources of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan to Europe, China and India.

Summit will also cover new export capacities of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan; future prespectives of the major gas projects currently operating in Azerbaijan including Shah Deniz and Galkynysh, as well as other significant topics related to Central Asia gas routes and strategic opportunities.

By supporting this strategically important global function, PwC Azerbaijan is embracing its knowledge and expertise to raise the awareness of global community on the envisaged economical and social impact of gas projects to our country.

The summit will feature a number of top level government authorities, leading oil and gas companies, public faces and other statesmen of different countries including the Minnister of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan Republic - Uzakbay Karabalin, Chairman of KazTransOil - Kairgeldy Kabyldin, representative of SOCAR, Former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan - Matthew Bryza, Ambassador of the European Union – Roland, representative of Ministry of Oil of Iran - Hossein Esmaeili Shahmirzadi, Managing Director of Turkish Petroleum - Murat Karcý, representative of BOTAS Company - Ibrahim Said Arinch.

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