Corporate Responsibility

PwC is committed to playing a leading role in building this sustainable future. We hold ourselves accountable for:

  • our actions and work to promote responsible business practices;
  • support the growth and development of our people and communities;
  • minimise our impact on the environment. 

PwC in Azerbaijan launched its formal Corporate Responsibility Program in 2009. Our Program operates in the four main areas: Marketplace, People, Environment and Community.


Our work in the business community brings us into contact with a wide circle of stakeholders. We maintain a constant dialogue with our clients, the most important of these, working to address their needs and enhance their value. PwC is an active participant in a number of business associations and professional organisations.

Additional initiatives include staying in contact with PwC alumni, regularly carrying out client satisfaction surveys and developing a responsible supply chain.


In addition to community and environmental projects, PwC also invests in the health and wellness of its staff and their families. PwC makes every effort to be the employer of choice and to treat staff fairly and with respect. Ethics and diversity, both in terms of clients and staff, forms a cornerstone of our brand and practice.


PwC supports initiatives in child welfare, education and social problems. PwC Azerbaijan experts have been sharing their knowledge with students at universities by regular teaching on a number of business topics pro bono, making the cutting edge professional knowledge accessible not only for business communities, but also for the talented youth of Azerbaijan. We have done more than 500 hrs of free teaching in the past year, and our goal is to continue this social agenda in 2012 and onwards.


We are all responsible for the preservation of our natural environment. For PwC this means integrating environmental strategy into our everyday operations, doing our part with regard to client change and engaging our people with environmental issues. To improve waste management, we have taken steps to reduce paper and plastic consumption in our offices.

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