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Advisory Services

Competing today, investing for tomorrow

Why PwC’s Advisory services ?

Our Advisory services help you to achieve increased performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s key business operations.

Using our in-depth understanding of finance, risk management/compliance, IT systems, operations and human resources, we help our clients identify and implement cost saving initiatives, improve management and control, identify and manage risk and improve quality.

We also use our proven experience and expertise to provide hands-on assistance to improve financial under-performance and cash-flow management. With over 8,000 Performance Improvement professionals in more than 90 countries worldwide, we are able to leverage local expertise supported by an extensive global network.

Our related knowledge and understanding ensures tailored solutions to support your response to increasing regulation, competition, risk and costs.

How PwC can help you?

We offer advice and support around key client issues, using technology, data services and change and program effectiveness skills to provide you with the best solution.

Our Team

We have a team over 20 individuals providing Technology, P&O, Strategy, Operations, Management consulting and Deals services to the public and private sectors in Azerbaijan. With a range of experience and expertise, this team can deliver projects locally and, where it will add value to our clients, in collaboration with other specialists from the PwC global network. We thereby deliver the best solutions to our clients from strategy and market advice and business and IT improvement through to execution, including deals support and ERP system implementation.

Our services

Strategy Consulting

  • Identify and grow the few differentiating capabilities that define who you are and the value you provide
  • Create a strategy that starts with your greatest strengths and builds in execution at every step
  • Build on what you already do best, so you’ll deliver competitive advantage well into the future

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Financial Consulting

  • Cost optimization
  • Project financing advisory
  • Commercial analysis & financial modelling
  • Financial and operational effectiveness
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) - optimization and implementation of planning, budgeting and management reporting processes
  • Accounting methodology for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Business Intelligence (BI) systems - accounting methodology development and methodological support of accounting/reporting IT solutions implementation

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Customer Consulting

  • Customer growth strategy
  • Customer segmentation
  • Experience strategy and design
  • Operating model development
  • Value proposition development

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Technology Consulting

  • Implementation of SAP based solutions
  • Development of ERP system architecture and consistency control
  • Development of functional and methodological requirements to the automation of business processes and reports generation;
  • Organizational changes management
  • Automation projects management
  • Enabled functions: finance, logistics, operational departments, IT, risks
  • Shared Service Centre (SSC) - design and implementation of finance SSC (centralized finance)

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People and Organization

We assist clients in improving the performance of all aspects of their HR organizations, management of Human Capital and HR operational excellence, through thought leadership and innovation.

Services we offer:

Change management and communications

Organizational design

Are you concerned that you organization doesn’t meet its stakeholders’ needs and expectations for the reasons other than a misguided strategy or vision. Does your organizational structure, and interracting organizational parts reflect the strategic priorities of your business?

  • Organization assesment
  • Benchmarking
  • Organizing for strategic advantage, innovation, and/or efficiency
  • End to end process and cross-functional interaction model design
  • Performance management transformation including design of measures, metrics, and incentives

HR function transformation and effectiveness

Is there a lack of clarity on the alignment of business objectives and HR priorities? Do you need to rethink your HR functional structures, capabilities and role designs to enable a shift in focus to more strategic, high-value activities? People expect HR operations to provide the same user‑friendly experience they have become accustomed to in other areas of their lives: is your organisation delivering?

  • HR function strategy
  • HR operating model and design
  • HR policies and processes
  • HR function capability
  • HR function audit
  • Other Transformation Services

People Strategy

Do your current people strategy and plans need rethinking and realignment as business strategies adapt to the digital age and business innovation outpaces talent innovation? And do you understand the significant talent and skills challenges as you adapt to new ways of working in a world where flexibility and agility are keys to success? 

  • Strategy development
  • Implementation of the supporting infrastructure and alignment of downstream strategies and capabilities
  • Create analytics and insights for continuous improvement

Organisational culture and purpose

Are you trying to make a major strategic shift that needs the benefit of cultural energy to accelerate and sustain results? Or is your organisation’s culture at risk of undermining your business performance? Might that culture create behavioural risk or compliance issues?

  • Cultural diagnosis
  • Strategic plan for culture
  • Integrate the formal and informal
  • Measure behavioural change

People in Deals

Do you understand the costs and risk of the human capital involved in your acquisition? Are you clear how human capital issues could impact the price of your deal? Are you clear how to create an engaged and productive workforce through the distractions of the transaction? And does your deal team include the right HR expertise to deliver the deal value through people you’re looking for?

  • HR due diligence services
  • HR pre-close services
  • HR post close services

Workforce capability

Does your organisation have the right workforce to meet your immediate and emerging business challenges? Do you know what skills you will need for the future of your business? And do you have understand how today’s complex business environment will impact where and how you deploy your talented people?

  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Leadership and succession planning
  • Competencies assesment

Reward and Remuneration

Are you not sure of the value delivered through your reward programme? Is your approach to your employee health and benefits programmes coherent? And do you have the right data to understand the impact of your reward and benefit spend?

  • Compensation and Benefits strategy
  • Paywell - market review
  • Grading development
  • Incentive Scheme design

Performance Management

Are you concerned with the effectiveness of your business and workforce performance? Is there a lack of clarity on alignment of strategic business and individual objectives? Is your staff motivated to perform?

  • Business and Individual performance management model
  • Competency and behavioural framework
  • KPIs
  • Performance management diagnosis

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Portfolio and Project Management Consulting

  • Project management office (PMO) support
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Management
  • Programme health diagnostic
  • Portfolio, Programme or Project maturity assessment
  • Business case development
  • Benefits management
  • Programme Governance and Decision Making
  • Reporting and control frameworks
  • Risk management
  • Scope management
  • Change control
  • Project Finance
  • Supplier Management
  • Managing Teams
  • Portfolio Delivery
  • Programme Delivery
  • Programme Planning and Delivery
  • Programme Quality Management Project Delivery
  • Life cycle assurance

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Risk Consulting

  • Enterprise Risk management
  • Financial risk and treasury management
  • Risk-informed strategy
  • Crisis management planning

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Valuation & Economics


  • Assessing Deal Value-Value Diligence & Other
  • Assessing Deal Value-Model Advisory
  • Value Analytics
  • Value Measurement Financial Reporting

Scope of services

  • Advice to a client on valuations of assets, liabilities and businesses as part of a transaction or proposed transaction. This includes pre-deal work such as valuation reviews during the diligence phase
  • Reviewing, advising and assisting clients with building, improving or processing deal models
  • Valuation advice and decision support to a client on business and strategic decisions that do not involve deals
  • Valuations of assets and liabilities for financial reporting purposes. Purchase price allocations (PPA), Impairment reviews (US GAAP and IFRS), Business & equity valuations, Property, plant & equipment values,
    Valuation of intangible assets, Valuation of liabilities

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Corporate Finance

  • Advice to public sector clients on Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and Private Finance Initiative (PFI) projects.
  • Sales Mandates Corporates
  • Acquisition Mandates Corporates
  • Sell Side Private Equity
  • Buy Side Private Equity
  • Debt Advisory
  • Initial Public Offerings & Public to Private

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Delivering Deal Value


  • M&A Integration
  • Divestiture/Carve-Outs
  • Operational Due Diligence
  • Post Deal Performance Improvement

Scope of services

  • Taking control and integrating an acquired company
  • Separating a portion of a company (e.g. a division or a brand), preparing it for sale, and optimising the core business
  • Due diligence assessment and recommendations for all operational areas (separate from, but working in conjunction with, financial and commercial due diligence)
  • Longer term integration initiatives that extend beyond the first one hundred days of a merger or acquisition

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Transaction Services


  • Vendor Assistance/Sell Side (non-VDD)
  • Sale & Purchase Agreements & Structuring
  • Buy Side Due Diligence
  • Vendor Due Diligence

Scope of services

  • Vendor assistance (also known as ‘sell-side’ assistance), including advice on financial information, tailored to a client in the context of a disposal of a business. This work is carried out for the seller of the business only. The service may include assistance to the vendors in connection with the setting up or running of a physical or electronic data room. Vendor due diligence should not be included in this code
  • Advising a client on Sales and Purchase Agreements, transaction structuring and/or the results of a closing balance sheet audit arising from acquisitions, disposals and other transactions. Does not include issuing an audit or other opinion on closing balance sheet
  • Due diligence services typically carried out when a business is being acquired or when a business is seeking a refinancing or listing
  • Due diligence services carried out for the seller when a business is being disposed of (also known as ‘sell-side’ due diligence). The client is the seller of the business but the report is prepared on the basis that PwC may ultimately agree to owe a duty of care to the eventual purchaser

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Business Recovery Services


  • Personal and Corporate Insolvency
  • Corporate Insolvency
  • Independent Business Reviews
  • Restructuring Debtor Advisory
  • NPL Sales & Analysis/Loan Portfolio Analysis
  • Corporate Simplification & Solvent Liquidation
  • Corporate Liability Management

Scope of services

  • Insolvency-related services provided to individuals.
  • Insolvency consulting/advisory work
  • Review of businesses
  • Recovery assessments and plans for underperforming businesses, including services surrounding exits from a country, industry, market or company
  • Services to buyers or sellers of non-performing loans and analysis of loan portfolios. Advice and assistance around non-performing loans (NPLs) or loan portfolios
  • Advising clients on simplifying or streamlining their corporate structure using methods which may include solvent liquidation
  • Services relating to exit from long tail liabilities, usually through a consensual restructuring of future liabilities

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Deal Strategy

Scope of services

  • Providing commercial and strategic support in a deal or potential deal context
  • Market and competitive assessment
  • Internal commercial analysis
  • Business plan review

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Contact us

Emin Shikhgayibov

Advisory (Consulting & Deals) Partner

Tel: +994 12 4972515

Erika Rasulova

Senior Manager, Deals

Tel: +994 (12) 4972515

Rena Rzayeva

Senior Manager, People & Organization

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Ilaha Amirbayova

Manager, Cooperation with Local International Financial Institutions

Tel: +994 (12) 4972515

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