Upholding what is right: What are your tax concerns?

We consider the needs of your business and the government with the end in view of upholding what is right.

Tax is a significant cost in business. As such, properly managing and controlling inherent tax risks is a must. And to keep up with tax developments and have a clearer understanding, top businessmen seek professional tax advice to help them manage tax risk, control costs, and seize tax planning opportunities.

To develop a comprehensive tax strategy for your business, we cover various considerations relevant to your particular business, i.e., industry, markets, finance, economics, and government regulations. We take a consultative approach rather than focus on compliance to identify all your risks.

Increasingly, companies require a variety of accounting, tax, and business services to manage risks and gain competitive advantage. Our tax professionals can provide these diverse disciplines to help you minimize tax liabilities and meet compliance obligations. We can be your advocates with tax authorities to support a tax position that will work to your advantage. And we can give you tailored, implementable and defensible tax planning structures.

Responsiveness unlike any other

We specially package business and tax advisory services for our clients based on their needs. This is a better way of handling tax compliance that makes us achieve their business objectives. 

We have made it easier for companies, whether large or small, to lessen their tax problems and meet tax compliance obligations.

We deal with main taxes affecting all businesses, and those in difficult areas such as international tax, expatriate tax, and value-added tax.

Our tax colleagues in other PwC firms worldwide work with us in giving professional and timely advice on tax issues that crop up in every area where there is an international transaction.

Range of tax services

Current issues

Alien: lover, husband, foe

PwC Philippines Chairman and Senior Partner Alex Cabrera received inquiries from expats and foreigner friends who were confronted with the harsh reality of whether she was worth all the trouble. Alex discusses three of the most common exit problems for an expat or a Filipina, and hopes to help others avoid the path of bliss to misery.

Tax Alert No. 11 [Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 12-2017 dated 24 January 2017]

Acceptance of Tax Returns/Payments of Internal Revenue Taxes by Authorized Agent Banks on 01 April and 08 April 2017 and Extension of Banking Hours from 3.00pm to 5.00pm for the period 01 April to 17 April 2017

Tax Alert No. 10 [Professional Regulatory Board of Accountancy Resolution No. 37 dated 25 January 2017]

Grant of Provisional Accreditation and Extension of Accreditation to Individual Certified Public Accountants and Partnerships/Firms Engaged in Public Accountancy Practice

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