PwC Scholarships 2013-2014

The application process is now closed - the following is for general information purposes only
Applications for the academic year 2014-2015 will be announced in early 2014.

PwC Greece is pleased to announce the start of the Scholarships Programme for the academic year 2013-2014. The scholarships will fund tuition fees for postgraduate degrees in a Greek or foreign university (excluding professional qualification courses and PhDs).

The postgraduate degree must correspond to one of the following fields of study:
Finance | Audit | HR | Banking | Internal Audit | Risk Regulation | IT Systems & Security / Information Systems | Shipping | Statistics | Actuarial

The programme applies to:
1. University (AEI) graduates or final-year students
2. Executives - companies may also nominate employees for a scholarship

Phase 1

  1. The candidates must complete the online application form by 30 April 2013.
  2. The applications will be checked for eligibility. Non-eligible candidates will be notified that they cannot proceed to the next stage.
  3. Eligible candidates will be invited to take part in the ability tests. The ability tests will take place on 14 and 15 May (candidates will only need to attend one of these dates, as per the invitation received). Candidates will receive an email with their allocated date of participation, between 7-10 May.
  4. Candidates will receive an email with their tests results ('pass' or 'fail' only) on 20 May.

Phase 2

  1. Candidates who pass the ability tests, will then need to submit the documents mentioned below. The documents must be submitted between 21 May – 11 June. Applications must be complete (no missing documents) in order to be submitted to the Evaluation Committee.
  2. The documents and test results will be evaluated and a shortlist of candidates for interviews will be prepared. Only those candidates pre-selected will be invited to the interviewing phase.
  3. Candidates selected for an interview, will be notified by telephone between 13-17 June.
  4. The interviews will be conducted in the middle of June to beginning of July. Candidates should allow approximately 30 minutes for the interview.
  5. The final evaluation will take place in July and candidates will be informed of the results through email.
  6. Candidates are only successful if they are accepted by their desired university to begin their course in 2013 and submit the certification of acceptance by the latest 16 September 2013. If not, the scholarship will be awarded to the runner-up.

   Documents for Phase 2

  • CV (with photograph)
  • Official copy of passport or identity card
  • Undergraduate degree (grade higher than 7, or equivalent from a foreign university). If the candidates have not yet completed their studies, they must provide an average of their grade to-date and transcript from their university.
  • 2 recommendation letters from an academic or employer
  • List of desired postgraduate degrees the candidate wishes to study or certification of acceptance from the university, if applicable
  • Certification of competency in English
  • Proof of the candidates’ and their families’ income – we take into consideration cases where own funding of studies is difficult
  • An essay explaining the reasons for choosing the desired degree and how the candidate will utilise it in his/her professional future (no longer than 300 words

    Executives should also provide:

  • One of the recommendation letters from the current employer
  • Proof of employment referring to position and number of years in current employment

Submission of documents in person or by registered mail (by 11 June 2013 as proven by post stamp) to:
Michelle Karaolides
PwC Greece
M&C Department
260 Kifissias Avenue
15232 Halandri


You cannot apply for a scholarship if:
• You are a PwC employee or relative at first degree.
• You are enrolled in a two-year postgraduate degree and you are already in the first year of the course.
• You are over 31 years old.

Click here to read this procedure in Greek.

PwC has been awarding scholarships since 2001 and this initiative is part of our corporate responsibility programme, which is aimed at talented and distinguished young people, with the objective to give them guidance towards the right educational and professional path. The central aim is to bridge the gap between market demand and education that exists in Greece. PwC has helped more than 80 students expand their academic knowledge to-date.