PwC 10Minutes: Business issue briefs for company leaders

Make it quick. That’s what we’ve done in our briefing series for company leaders. Without mincing words--or wasting your time--each issue of 10Minutes is designed to distill key data and insights on an important business issue. In the time it takes for a quick coffee break, you’ll learn what’s at stake for your business, where the opportunities lie, and how to begin asking the right questions in your own organization.

We also give you options: You can download 10Minutes  in a PDF or get each issue on your mobile device, along with extras like video and podcast versions, in our free 365 and 10Minutes apps.


Featured issues

10Minutes on hedge fund activism

No company is safe from hedge fund activism. Activists have massive assets under management, and they target companies of all sizes, in all industries. What can you do to get ahead of an activist situation? Analyze your company's vulnerabilities and engage with your shareholders about the company’s long-term strategic plan. This tandem strategy of self-analysis and engagement can help your company stay out of activists' cross hairs.

10Minutes on people analytics

Big business decisions don’t commonly include people analytics—but they should. Learn how data about your people can shape your business strategy.

10Minutes on transforming the audit experience

Companies across the business spectrum are undergoing transformation. Markets themselves are moving more quickly, with an insatiable demand for information. At the center of many of these changes is digital technology. Like innovators in other industries, auditors are investing in technology tools that redefine how work is done. But that’s only part of the story at PwC. We’re also reimagining how our people and your finance teams work together and how, when, and where the audit is performed.

10Minutes on making big decisions

When it comes to making your most important business decisions, there are a plethora of factors to consider. Many company leaders probably rely on gut instinct to guide them—what we think of as the ‘art’ of strategic decision making. But what about the ‘science’ side of the equation, data and analytics? We believe superior decision making—done with confidence, clarity, and agility—is only possible through a new combination of art and science.

10Minutes on the OECD's BEPS project

The OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project is likely to spur the most significant changes to the taxation of international business in nearly 30 years. Multinational companies may see an increased tax burden around the world, and there’s a strong likelihood that rule changes will affect the optimal structure for your global operations.

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Published 10Minutes on Issue
3/21/16 10Minutes on people analytics Innovation and technology
1/7/16 Transforming the audit experience Innovation and technology
5/18/15 Making big decisions Strategy and growth
5/1/15 The OECD's BEPS project Operations
12/23/14 The Self-Made Billionaire Effect Talent
7/18/14 Organizational DNA Operations
4/28/14 Integrated reporting Risk
3/19/14 Revenue recognition Governance
2/25/14 Data privacy Governance
12/9/13 Service provider transparency Innovation and technology
11/11/13 Transforming the tax function Innovation and technology
9/30/13 Strategic supply chain management Operations
7/24/13 Drug value Innovation and technology
7/15/13 Whistleblower reform Governance
6/25/13 Eco-efficiency Sustainability
6/3/13 Lease accounting Operations
5/14/13 Why the COSO Update deserves your attention Operations
5/9/13 Conflict minerals Operations
4/19/13 Harnessing customer demand to drive growth Operations
4/18/13 Investing in China's private healthcare system Strategy and growth
4/11/13 Stark realities of cybersecurity Risk
3/11/13 Remaking of utilities Operations
2/27/13 Shaping the Boardroom Agenda Governance
2/6/13 Building the customer-centered organization Operations
1/17/13 Supply chain flexibility Operations
1/3/13 Creating value from Global Business Services Operations
12/5/12 Derivatives reform for non-financial services companies Regulation
10/31/12 Environmental and social risk Risk
10/5/12 Talent priorities Talent
10/4/12 US Manufacturing Resurgence Strategy and growth
7/31/12 Academic medical centers Strategy and growth
7/30/12 Eurozone sovereign debt crisis Strategy and growth
6/20/12 Global talent mobility Talent
5/10/12 Effective audit committees Governance
3/23/12 Business continuity management Operations