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In the Caribbean, our strength and our in-depth, industry specific knowledge enable us to serve a wide spectrum of leading local, regional and international companies. Audit efficiency and a commitment to financial reporting timelines are the cornerstones of our Assurance services. We have organised our assurance practice into dedicated industry groups to provide a deep understanding of industry-specific issues, emerging trends and business practices.


Our tax advisors are exceedingly well versed in the taxation policies and legislation of many Caribbean territories. We put this knowledge to optimum use on behalf of our local, regional and international clients, whether they are individuals, public companies or private companies, including those licensed as international business companies.

As part of PricewaterhouseCoopers' worldwide network of tax professionals, our advisors are also able to offer a truly international service, providing compliance services on the part of local companies seeking to do business internationally, as well as foreign investors wishing to establish operations in the Caribbean.

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Graeme Sunley
Partner (Assurance)
Tel: +1 (345) 914 8642
Mobile: +1 (345) 516 8642

Gloria Eduardo
Partner, PwC East Caribbean
Tel: +1 (246) 626 6753

Lorenzo Forde
Tel: +1 (246) 626 6762