Strategy & Governance

Do one or more of these statements describe your organisation’s priorities?

  • Current plans or appetite for growth (either organic or inorganic)
  • Current or planned programs of change which are likely to impact a substantial part of the organisation
  • The need for an organisation-wide strategy which is fully understood and applied consistently across the various units or businesses
  • The need to establish or clarify the performance expectations of governance and oversight mechanisms in the organisation (e.g. Board of Directors, sub-committees, audit and risk committees)

The PwC approach begins by engaging with management to determine the strategic intent of the organisation. Our aim is to assist clients in assessing options and designing strategies to improve value. Creating sustainable value requires a disciplined focus on the key drivers of value - clarity about the organisation's direction, outstanding people, operations and systems, and excellence in delivering desired transaction outcomes. This must be successfully coupled with effective governance that improves managerial decision-making by assessing risk and providing effective internal audit services.

PwC assists clients create to strategic options and effective governance by:

  • Streamlining operations to be more cost effective and efficient at delivering outputs to customers
  • Changing business models to adapt to external needs, or changes in direction
  • Structuring board processes and conduct to ensure the right talent is selected and developed
  • Crafting and executing business strategy in line with the strategic intention
  • Examining organic and inorganic growth options and providing management with recommendations for sustainable growth
  • Reviewing board management and accountabilities and how to measure and reward performance
  • Providing insights on changing market conditions and options to leverage competitive advantages
  • Evaluating underperforming portfolios and strategies to address these

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