People & Talent

Do one or more of these statements describe your organisation’s priorities?

  • Establishment or a refresh of a talent and performance management approach and for it to be applied consistently across the organisation
  • Establishment of a remuneration model or a reifying entitlement under legislation and remuneration agreements
  • Planned redundancies or the need to establish or verify redundancy packages
  • Leveraging and gaining improvements in service delivery from the Human Resources (HR) function

At PwC, we know that getting the best from people at every level in an environment of constant change is the key to sustainable competitive advantage. Great leaders know that change only sticks when the people it affects are involved in the process of bringing it about. This is why we work with management to establish solid strategies, processes and technology that are connected with people and deliver results. This approach incorporates people management in a way that is accepted, adopted, strategic, and sustainable for organisations to realise the tangible benefits.

Solutions that we offer include:

  • Talent and performance management advice
  • HR function effectiveness reviews
  • Remuneration and entitlement review
  • Staff and stakeholders survey

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