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19th Annual Global CEO Survey

Redefining business success in a changing world

Our 19th Annual Global CEO Survey launched on 19 January 2016 on the eve of the Annual Meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. More than 1,400 CEOs from 83 countres and 20+ sectors shared their perspectives on various business trends and issues related to growth, stakeholder expectations, transformation and measuring success.


CEOs face an increasingly complicated business environment. In addition to fresh concerns about economic and business growth, they also face a more divergent and multi-polar world where technology is rapidly changing the expectations of customers and other stakeholders. CEOs are focusing on three core capabilities to address these challenges: focusing on customer needs as well as drawing on their organisational purpose – what their companies stand for – to define a more comprehensive view of how their business operates within society; harnessing technology, innovation and talent to execute strategies that meet greater expectations; and developing better ways to measure and communicate business success.

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