Immigration consulting services

We can provide you with an end to end mobility solution from the moment you identify an employee for an international move. We will ensure the day to day management and queries from your internationally mobile employees, business/line managers, HR/Global Mobility teams and vendors are handled seamlessly. Working as your in-house mobility provider PwC will offer a streamlined, comprehensive and coordinated approach to support both your employees and the business. 

We are able to help you with the following;


a. Quota Management:

  • Processing establishment grant of quota positions
  • Processing of business permits
  • Filing of monthly quota returns 
  • Reviewing and monitoring availability and validity of quota positions
  • Processing of additional, renewal and  relinquishment, of expatriate quota positions
  • Deletion of expatriate from quota

   b. Work Authorisation:

  • Processing business visas
  • Processing Temporary Work permits
  • Processing and Renewal of Combined Expatriate Resident Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC)
  • Legalisation and attestation of documents
  • Extension of business and visitor visas
  • Processing of outbound visas

    c. Audit and Reviews:

  • Routine mock audits,
  • Immigration authority audit support
  • Periodic reviews of immigration procedures

   d. Staff training and in-country briefing for mobile employees

  • Periodic training on expatriate immigration regulations and processes
  • Country briefing
  • Entry and exit briefing

e. Consulting

  • Advice on immigration regulations and legal requirements in Nigeria 
  • Immigration policy development advisory
  • Advice on permit approval processes  
  • Pre –assignment mobility advisory services
  • Advise on citizenship-by-investment programs.

Social Security

  • Pre-assignment planning and advisory
  • In-country compliance

Policy Development and Assignment Planning

Working with our network of firms, we help you define the processes, terms and conditions for transferring employees. We assist with developing the benefit and relocation packages for these employees, while adhering to the relevant legislation. We also ensure that basic guidelines are maintained to achieve a unified company policy. In developing the assignment policy, we ensure it aligns with strategic goals to maximise returns and reduce the costs involved in the assignment process.

Cost Projections

We help evaluate international assignment costs based on specific mobility policies,  employees' individual assignment criteria, and estimated tax costs by all applicable tax authorities. We will also closely analyse and monitor both necessary and discretionary expenditures, reconciling estimated costs against actual expenditures to create a realistic budget for future assignments. 

Tax Compliance

We help companies ensure employment tax compliance is achieved globally. We provide cross-border employment tax compliance services, including tax briefings and consultations, tax return preparation, tax planning and advisory. 

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