Responsible Investment

The concept that making social impact means forgoing profit is no more a valid premise. As part of business and investment plans, companies, investment managers, investors, and civil society are increasingly assessing their value and contribution to society.

Businesses all over the world are adapting, moving ESG issues from the periphery of strategic concern to the centre. They are recognising ESG as a driver of value creation and urgently developing a proactive ESG mindset.

Within the investment industry, responsible investment is becoming increasingly important. ESG considerations are gradually being factored into investment decisions as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Investors in West Africa, particularly Nigeria, are paying increasing attention to companies with effective responses to climate change and other sustainability issues as they are better positioned to weather unfavourable market dynamics and outperform their less resilient counterparts. Many investors are attempting to include ESG considerations into standard investment strategies.

In response, there is a growing market for responsible investment as private equity firms, asset and wealth managers, investment advisors and other capital market players are taking advantage of the opportunities while managing the ESG risks associated with their portfolio companies.


Why should you take action now?

Responsible investment is increasingly important for businesses in the financial and capital market today due to:

  • Value preservation and creation for all stakeholders
  • Growing stakeholder interest in how you manage ESG factors, including from Limited Partners (LPs)
  • Broadened perception of risks, with non-financial risks being tied to business resilience
  • Investor reputation and positioning 
  • Regulatory pressures to comply with guidelines and disclose performance on ESG investing.

How we can help you

At PwC, we are committed to supporting our clients in creating value from ESG issues across a full range of responsible investment services, covering:

  • Impact Investing
  • ESG Due Diligence
  • Value creation in deals
  • ESG integration
  • Responsible tax investments



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