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PwC Experience Centre

Home of experiential innovation and emerging technology

Time to rethink everything.

Building a new modern version of your company requires a new modern way to get there.

As every experience and service in our lives gains a digital element, organisations are under a heightened sense of urgency to create solutions faster, rise above market expectations and stand out.

We know that today’s business models are being disrupted, and that emerging technology has the potential to transform your organisation. In fact, we believe that technology is critical to help you adapt and innovate. But it can’t create the answers on its own.

Over the past few years, PwC has deployed a network of Experience Centers across the globe to accelerate the ability to provide digital centric services to our clients. We are proud to announce the addition of a PwC Experience Centre to this network, here, in Nigeria.

At the PwC Experience Centre, we combine business understanding, human insight, and the power of emerging technology. The center brings a breath of diverse talent across PwC Business, Technology and Experience to solve important issues together with our clients, technology eco-systems and top players in the West African market.

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Introducing the Experience centre, Lagos

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The eight technologies are essential and reshaping today

Explore Design Build

The leaders of this fast-pacing world will be innovative companies, able to easily embrace new technologies and unlock their creativity. We'll bring all our knowledge to better serve your competitiveness.
Explore new trends, ideas and define strategic transformations


Explore new trends, ideas and define strategic transformations

Understanding the environment where your business is evolving is key to address the right challenges and solve your most complex problems. We look through disruptive business models and assemble diverse perspectives to generate a maximum of ideas, turn them into meaningful answers and provide your business with an optimal value.


Design & Co-create new Customer Experiences & Services

Everything we do places the end user at the heart of our work. In the Experience Centre, we combine design thinking approach with user experience experts and business experts to create unique experiences that last and services that differentiate.

Build solutions on emerging technologies


Build solutions on emerging technologies

Designed experiences and services become memorable when physical and digital word connect seamlessly. We gather the right talents to architect innovative solutions, leveraging on new technologies and technology eco-systems. Our software engineers and architects help bring your ideas to life and support your business transformation from strategy to execution.

How we work

Use the power of perspective

By bringing together the diverse viewpoints of executives, managers, front line workers and even our customers with our business strategists, experience designers, and technologists, solutions can be identified that are not intuitive when viewed through a single lens.

Check your ego at the door

We force hard conversations, push people beyond their comfort zones, and get to the heart of the real issues to uncover the real opportunities. With all the stakeholders in one place and aligned, change happens in days, not months.

Give everyone a voice

The best ideas can come from the least likely places. We create an energetic environment that empowers everyone to confidently contribute to conversations, team up, develop and freely share creative and bold ideas.

Infuse a new way of working

Through rapid prototyping and iterative delivery, we accelerate execution by battle testing ideas right away. The goal is for organisations to learn and work in an agile and adaptive way going forward, whether PwC is there or not.

The Team: We are a group of disruptive innovation consultants, business strategists and technologists working to identify risk & opportunities in a business landscape which is uncertain and rife with disruption.


The Space: We have built the most state of the art, experiential, interactive and adaptable space available in West Africa.  This allows for the  unleashing of creativity and collaboration, enabling new ideas to flourish and come to life.

Technologies: The team uses emerging technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality etc. to transform the way in which our clients’ business will function for the future.


The Network: The team has access to a large world-wide network of industry experts & partners. Together we visualise clients future ecosystems and develop blueprints for a more robust, forward thinking and  resilient organisation.


The Process: We are able to create a tailored programme of work. We enable clients assess, think, co-create and develop beyond today’s constraints and explore the possibilities of adaptation and future proofing their business.


The Experience: We bring into play business needs and inject fresh insights. The experience is often enabled by technology, but it’s as much about embracing a new mindset - A new way of working that creates energy, helps client solve problems and deepens relationships

One of our firm’s values is to re-imagine the possible and this speaks to daring to challenge the status quo and trying new things, innovating, testing and learning. That’s what the PwC Experience Centre does, showcasing our best and helping us re-imagine the possible.

Uyi Akpata Regional Senior Partner, West Africa

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PwC Experience Centre
CCP Place
3rd Floor, 17 Chief Yesufu Abiodun Way
Oniru Estate, Victoria Island
Phone: +234 (1) 277 7150 

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Femi Osinubi

Femi Osinubi

Partner, West Africa Technology Leader, PwC Nigeria

Tel: +234 1 271 1700

Ada Irikefe

Ada Irikefe

Associate Director/Head, Disruption, PwC Nigeria

Tel: +234 (1) 271 1700

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