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Data and Analytics

Data flows through your business it is an asset you already own and more than ever before it is time to unlock the potentials of this critical asset. Today, the explosion of data is revolutionizing businesses across several industries. One thing is clear, data and analytics is fast becoming the path to gaining competitive advantage as it offers bold promises for today and tomorrow. Better decision-making, exceptional customer insights, higher productivity and performance are critical in every organization and data and analytics offers tremendous opportunities to drive these.

As CEOs battle the shrinking timelines for decision making, at PwC we can help drive CEO priorities for growth and productivity in the face of evolving competitive and technological demands.

"There is a growing need for organisations to embrace data and analytics to remain competitive and relevant in an ever changing world."

Discover our solutions

Data Foundation Services

Our data foundation services helps to ensure that your analytics journey is founded on the right path. We provide a tailored approach to formulating your data analytics strategy, data management (Master & Meta and data quality assurance), data migration & integration and data governance.

Pay Assure

This Payroll Analytic tool is an interactive application that allows you to proactively detect fraud, abuse and control weaknesses within your payroll function. The application enables you to intuitively drill into your payroll and HR data to understand potential anomalies and analyse key areas of interest. A series of interactive dashboards and easy to interpret visuals allow you to quickly spot and interrogate employee payments that look unusual.

This Payroll Analytics Solution harnesses our years of experience in payroll investigations and categorises fraud schemes into the following typologies

  • Unauthorised changes to payroll
  • Ghost Employees
  • Anomalous payments


BPAS is a methodology and propriety toolkit developed by PwC Nigeria to enable insights, improve operational excellence, reduce costs and better manage risks.

This can be achieved through our tool which applies advanced analytics to extract and analyse transactions, configurations and usage data that is held within the client's ERP systems

Design-to-value Business Analytics Solutions

Our bespoke and design-to-value business analytics solutions are personalised to identify your most important problems and resolve them using both descriptive and predictive analytics techniques. These analytical solutions is adaptable for customer analytics, finance analytics, fleet and logistics analytics, ERP analytics etc.

We harness the power of data visualisation and advanced analytics to bring your solutions to life.

Tax Wheel

Tax wheel is a proprietary solution developed by PwC Nigeria to enable clients in the Nigerian Market automate the processing of their withholding tax transactions through the power of data and analytics.

The solution runs on an in-built analytics engine with machine learning capabilities thereby enabling the system to 'learn' the appropriate tax codes and applicable rates from previous transactions. Accordingly the system is able to process WHT accurately, completely, efficiently and with speed.

The solution allows the tax group to free up time for significant value adding initiatives and tax planning as well as leveraging of data for business decisions making at the click of a button

Data and Analytics Academy

PwC's Data and Analytics Academy programme has been inspired by the growing demand for data and analytically driven business environment. Our curriculum is designed to provide knowledge in the areas of data science, machine learning, business intelligence, data visualisation techniques etc to drive value for actionable business insights and sharper business outcomes.

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