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Cyber issues

We can help you:

  • Respond to cyber crime and data breach - "Need to understand the scope of an intrusion incident and forensically collect and analyze evidence?"
  • Respond to regulatory issues - "Need to assess your company's compliance with the Anti-Money laundering, Foreign Corrupt Practices and (or) UK anti-bribery Acts?"
  • Combat corruption - "Concerned about the effectiveness of compliance programs and controls guiding your company's integrity?"
  • Manage third party risks -"Need to evaluate the integrity and reputation of individuals and corporate entities you intend to partner with?"
  • Manage information risk - "Need to protect the privacy and security of sensitive information stored online?"
  • Respond to allegations of fraud and illegal acts - "Has your company suffered fraud?"
  • Respond to business disputes - "Are you involved in litigation, (international) arbitration and require an expert witness?"

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Kingsford Arthur

Kingsford Arthur

Associate Director, Ghana

Tel: +233 30 2761500

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