Cybersecurity and Privacy in Nigeria

Simple steps in the right direction

The year 2019 saw a mix of new attacks, emerging threats, and some corresponding regulatory responses. Many financial institutions had to re-think their cybersecurity approach and strategy, while organisations in other industries were faced with the hard realities of the recent data protection regulation. Nigeria’s regulatory organisations have taken deliberate steps to build security and privacy processes, but the attackers are not just sitting idly either.

They continually find new loopholes and flaws to exploit, to the detriment of the targeted organisations. We all know the risks; they are not new, but the consequences have a significantly higher magnitude than just a few years ago.

People and organisations need to adopt tighter security practices, as attackers have mastered the art of hitting where it hurts the most. We need to ensure we protect our crown jewels. As the saying goes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Even in cybersecurity, the simplest practices are often the most effective. Here are a few simple cybersecurity practices to adopt or continue with in 2020.

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