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PwC Nigeria sponsors Teach for Nigeria (TFN) - an organisation that recruits outstanding graduates to teach in under-served schools in low income communities/states, through a highly selective, 2-year fellowship program. Through this experience, the Fellows gain exposure to the realities of Nigeria’s education system and begin to identify their role in building a wider movement for educational equity.

PwC staff also participate as volunteer mentors in the Teach For Nigeria Mentorship Program designed to support Fellows as they graduate from 2-years fellowship. The mentorship provides them with the expertise, skills and support they need as they move on to their chosen career path.

In line with our purpose of building trust in society and solving important problems, PwC Nigeria staff also volunteer to visit the schools where Teach For Nigeria fellows are posted to interact with the students; the head-teachers and the Fellows.

PwC volunteers have visited 6 schools (4 schools in Ogun State and 2 schools in Kaduna state) to witness the work of TFN volunteers and the impact made on the students in these communities. We engaged with the parents of the students in these schools who affirmed that there has been a huge difference with their children as a result of the pedagogical approach applied by the TFN Fellows. The head teachers also concurred that the TFN Fellows are different from other teachers and apply innovative teaching methods in the classroom.

We also visited the State Universal Basic Education Board in Ogun State who applauded the works of “Teach For Nigeria” initiative; they described it as the best initiative making an impact in the education sector. We distributed notepads and pens to the students and TFN Fellows and held a small round table discussion with Fellows around the work in their various schools. PwC representatives shared their career experiences with Fellows and a brief description of what a career at PwC looks like.

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