Forensic Services

Preventing, responding to and remediating a wide range of business threats, risks and complex issues

Due to the pervasive nature of economic crime and fraud; the intensity of globalisation and the pace at which business is evolving, organisations today face risks that threaten their very existence. You need a trusted advisor to navigate you through these challenges and help you formulate an effective response to threats to your business. With our advanced skills, vast experience and specialised technology, we at PwC Forensic Services are geared to provide you clarity and confidence in these trying times.


Forensic Services offered:

Forensic Services

Forensic Investigations

If your organisation has been exposed to employee misconduct, vendor fraud or bid collusion, PwC will combine investigative techniques and advanced technology with deep industry and regulatory knowledge to find out what went wrong, calculate how much damage was caused, and build a case against those responsible. We can also act as expert witnesses if a matter ends up in a disciplinary hearing or court.

Anti-money laundering (AML)

Combatting financial crime
PwC assists with assessing how vulnerable an organisation is to being used for money laundering and evaluating the effectiveness of their compliance programmes Sanctions can be heavy for getting this wrong. We will reduce your risk and satisfy your regulatory requirements by developing and implementing tailor-made, robust and practical AML compliance controls, trainings and programme development.

Fraud Risk Management

Preventing and overcoming crisis and anxiety
We’ll assess your organisation’s readiness to manage fraud, its exposure and then develop and help you implement a tailored anti-fraud programme to close the gaps. This will include practical and comprehensive policies supported by fraud response protocols, an ongoing risk monitoring framework, and communications and awareness training programmes.

Global Intelligence (Integrity Due Diligence)

Identify the operational threats to your business through integrity due diligence
As you operate within a third party ecosystem that crosses multiple jurisdictions, your business could be threatened by a wide variety of regulatory and compliance threats. These may include sanctions violations, corruption, human trafficking, money laundering and violations of other international regulations.
You need to have a clear look into the threat profiles of vendors, suppliers, customers and distributors – to assess relationship criticality, jurisdiction, industry and financial stability.

Risk & Forensic Training

PwC offers ongoing training on various subject matters.
Visit the PwC Buisness School page for upcoming training.
Our dedicated team can also assist with customised training, enabling our clients to stay ahead in the market.

Anti-bribery & Corruption

Safeguarding your reputation and helping your organisation survive turbulent times
Corruption and bribery can expose companies to significant regulatory and reputational risk. We provide confidential advice to companies on their anti-bribery and corruption programmes – be that locally, regionally or globally. We can also investigate matters emerging in these areas.

Cyber-attack & Breach Response

Cybercrime is one of the most disruptive forms of economic crime and increasingly one of the most prevalent. We will assess your vulnerability to cyber-attack, develop a cyber security programme and a cyber incidence response plan to prepare and respond to cybercrime, and set up and conduct cyber awareness training for all staff who are connected to the outside world.

Dispute Analysis & Expert Testimony

We provide business and financial advice to lawyers and their clients for disputes; help companies determine the effect of accounting adjustments for a merger or acquisition post-closing disagreement; or quantify breach of contract damage, third-party liability, and intellectual property infringement. We can then back this up with expert testimony at depositions, trials, and arbitrations.

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