PwC Business School Events

Upcoming events - February 2023

Date Training  Type
8-9 Practical approach to Microsoft Excel Hybrid Session
14 Salary Benchmarking & Payscale Design Hybrid Session
15-17 Building Blocks of Accounting Classroom Session
20-21 Anti-Money Laundering Series | 1st Edition Hybrid Session

Upcoming events - March 2023

Date Training  Type
1 Stress Management & Resilience Hybrid Session
7-9 Becoming an Accountant Classroom Session
13 Anti-Money Laundering Series | 2nd Edition Hybrid Session
15 Time Management  Hybrid Session

Upcoming events - April 2023

Date Training  Type 
4 Professionalism and Workplace Ethics Hybrid Session
6 Anti-Money Laundering Series | 3rd Edition Virtual Session
12-20 Annual Tax Symposium Hybrid Session

Upcoming events - May 2023

Date Training  Type
9-11 Finance for Non-Finance Managers Classroom Session
15 Anti-Money Laundering Series | 4th Edition Virtual Session
16 IFRS Spring Update Hybrid Session
23 Ethics & NOCLAR  Hybrid Session

Upcoming events - June 2023

Date Training  Type
6 Corporate Governance Classroom Session
12-13 Practical Approach to Microsoft Excel Hybrid Session
19 Anti-Money Laundering Series | 5th Edition Virtual Session

*Hybrid Sessions are sessions where you can either join in the classroom session, in-person or virtually.

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