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We offer a consultative approach to IT solutions, always matching the best equipment on the market to your specific requirements, whether you’re a business, retail shop, or individual consumer.

Industry Leading Brands

By only partnering with the very best tech developers in the industry, we ensure that each piece of hardware is capable of unleashing the full potential of your software and networking requirements.

Networking Equipment

Efficient digital infrastructures built on state-of-the-art network hardware.

Building a fast and secure network enables your staff to work efficiently and avoid costly security breaches. Pwc Malta offers an unrivalled range of network hardware available at competitive prices. Our inventory covers all your networking needs and spans cables, servers, routers, switches, power supplies, and much more.

With PwC Malta, you have peace of mind that you’re purchasing best-of-class equipment developed by major brands including Aruba and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Our hardware recommendations are geared to futureproof the security and efficiency of your business’s digital infrastructure through scalable solutions that evolve as your business grows.

Enterprise Servers & Storage

Maximise performance through scalable server and storage solutions.

Your organisation’s enterprise servers and storage form the bedrock of your IT landscape. A modernised IT infrastructure not only enables better performance for business-critical applications, but it also provides an agile foundation to roll out new IT services quickly and in line with today’s rapidly changing business demands.

PwC Malta can help boost your IT performance in myriad ways through flexible servers and hybrid data storage solutions that match your workload, budget, and IT environment. Whether you’re a brand new start-up or an established business looking to modernise its tech, we offer end-to-end infrastructure solutions that strengthen your operations.

Facial Recognition Hardware

Biometric facial recognition tech for enhanced security.

In today’s world, biometric face recognition has emerged as an indispensable part of private and public security. This innovative technology offers contactless and smart access control functionality, which authenticates individuals in a range of scenarios, from verifying work personnel to check-in processes within hotels, banks, and other public service premises.

PwC Malta's Thermal Facial Recognition Unit solutions are compatible with most security software and hardware. We offer a range of add-on functionality, including body temperature readings, mask checks, and time and attendance tracking, which can be seamlessly integrated into these high-tech, wall-mounted devices. Secure, fast, and compact, our facial recognition hardware automates person identification efficiently and with a high level of accuracy.


Uninterruptible power solutions for around-the-clock performance.

Your business cannot afford to fall victim to power outages that may force your systems offline for hours on end. That’s why an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) remains an invaluable investment for any modern business. These robust emergency power loads provide consistent backup and protect both your data and hardware from a range of electrical anomalies.

At PwC Malta, we specialise in high-quality UPS systems that reduce interruptions to the mains supply and transfer systems to an operation backup service in case of blackouts. This ensures that your IT service will always be up and running in the face of numerous power problems. Our expert team can also guide your business on many technical considerations to maximise efficiency, cooling, and battery life, and help you get the most out of your UPS technology.

Interactive Flat Panels

Sleek and intuitive touch-screen solutions for all environments.

Increase engagement and collaboration among your team, students, business partners, or customers through the latest all-in-one interactive display systems. Featuring highly responsive touch technology and crystal-clear resolution, our flat panels provide intuitive and user-friendly performance, making them particularly ideal for educational and instructional scenarios.

We supply interactive screens in a range of models and sizes to suit all environments, whether it’s the boardroom, classroom, or expo stall. Each interface effortlessly integrates with a range of applications including videoconferencing software, hand-written notes, and multi projector solutions, guaranteeing a seamless experience. We can also guide you on the best interactive flat panels to suit your particular business, organisational, or educational needs.

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