Digital Transformation & Experience

Tomorrow has come. Time to fully embrace the power of digital transformation to create unique experiences.

Digital transformation is reshaping the way we do business, at a faster pace than ever before. It is highly impacting traditional business models and bringing about considerable challenges that you need to be ready to face in order to be successful in this digital world.

Our team of experts can guide you through your digital transformation journey whilst helping you seize digital opportunities and tackle your challenges.

Your challenges

Digital transformation
How well do you understand the importance of digital transformation?
Digital transformation
How is digital transformation impacting your business?
Digital transformation
How can you turn digital transformation into tangible opportunities for your business?

How can we help

shape and align strategy and transformation

Shape and align strategy and transformation

design, implement and steer client and employee experience

Design, implement and steer client and employee experience

support transformation journey

Support transformation journey and help connect the dots with technology and change management imperatives


Even though undergoing a digital transformation process might be challenging, it is essential to survive in this world in this ever-changing world. We are using the BXT methodology to help you make the most of your digital transformation: 

  • Business - Viability

  • eXperience - Usability

  • Technology - Feasibility

BXT philosophy

Our BXT approach is designed to meet the expectations of today's customer and help your business deliver value in this increasingly digital world. Our team of experts can accelerate your digital impact and create value through digital transformation, in order to ensure the success of your business in today’s digital world. 


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Michel Ganado

Michel Ganado

Digital Services Leader, PwC Malta

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Jake  Azzopardi

Jake Azzopardi

Senior Manager, Digital Services, PwC Malta

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