Valuation and Strategy

Who are we?

Valuation & Strategy group in Montenegro offers advanced analytical skills with the use of sophisticated financial tools and modeling tailored to the local economic, tax and legal systems. We are a team of specialists delivering expert valuation and thorough financial, economic and strategic advice.

Valuation & Strategy group operates as an integral part of the Transaction Services and Corporate Finance practice and is constantly active in a range of activities including mergers and acquisitions, divestments, corporate recovery and reorganization.

As a leading provider of best-practice business services to the world's most successful corporations, PwCs' Valuation & Strategy professionals can tap into global competency and knowledge reserves with over 1300 staff in 30 countries worldwide. Strategic and valuation advice is supported by extensive industry expertise, local experience and proven methodologies such as the 'Real Options Valuation' technique, which takes into account industry risks and market changes.

PwC's Valuation & Strategy professionals have the industry know-how and experience needed to really make a difference to how your company is valued in the market, and advise you on how to maximise your shareholder value or future strategic position. We focus on three most important components of value:

  • The price-What are equity or assets worth to me?
  • Market value-What are equity or assets worth to someone else?
  • The Strategic Value-What equity or assets could worth?

Our global Valuation & Strategy practices are leaders in their markets because they provide innovative and appropriate advice to take your business to the next level. They can also help locate the financing that will boost your market share and suggest ways of better managing assets and large capital investments amidst increased competition, or in times of market uncertainty.

Our services to you

We work with our clients to develop qualitative and quantitative analyses of their business, products/services, customers and markets. From here our clients are able to define and rigorously evaluate their strategic options, enabling them to position resources where they will create the greatest value.

PwC’s Valuation & Strategy practice, the largest of its nature in the world, assists clients in making key decisions in a number of contexts, including:

Measuring Value

  • Transactions: Valuation and pricing of businesses, assets and intellectual property for acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint ventures and strategic partnerships.
  • Corporate Advisory: Assisting companies in measuring and maximizing value through capital structures and allocations, strategic and financial alternatives.
  • Tax Valuations of businesses, equity, debt and financial derivatives for regulatory and tax filings and restructuring plans.
  • Legal:Expert testimony and/or opinions related to value disputes (e.g. claims and damages, arbitration and shareholder disputes).
  • Accounting:Valuation of tangible and intangible assets and investment property aims at presentation of their fair value, and in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) presents a necessary condition for preparation and disclosure of fair financial reports.

Enhancing Value

Valuation & Strategy group not only helps you in measuring value but also in maintaining and enhancing corporate value. Our specialist groups use experience and proprietary tools and methodologies to provide advice on:

  • Shareholder Value Management: Developing and implementing a comprehensive framework to facilitate the efforts of your organization towards value creation.
  • Applied Decision Analysis: Using real estate and other assets valuation and decision analysis tools to help our clients make better asset management, resource allocation and valuation decisions through models of uncertainty, management flexibility and synergies.
  • Intellectual Asset Management: Measuring, managing and improving the value of intellectual property, including brands, patents, technology and know-how.

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