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The market for retail and consumer goods is undergoing dynamic change. Challenges for retail and consumer product (R&C) companies are many in today's business environment as a confluence of market forces have created an extremely challenging climate. R&C sector companies are constrained in their ability to grow and maintain profit margins as a result of a deflationary operating environment, market saturation, slowing population growth, and more discerning but less loyal consumers.

Most retail segments have seen a significant decline in sales. Consumers are holding off on their purchases or are choosing cheaper alternatives. Price promotions are becoming more frequent.

PwC helps retail and consumer goods companies to identify the important developments that influence the retail and consumer goods market and to make the right decisions to remain successful in the marketplace.

Your questions and challenges for retail and consumer goods companies

  • How can we approach environmental sustainability from a holistic perspective so that it includes green supply chain, products and processes and the use of renewable energy and carbon emission reduction or trading?
  • How can we increase and control the effectiveness of promotional spending, measure performance and increase efficiency in data mining?
  • What is the right strategy when dealing with changing consumer patterns and how can we implement trends like wellness, convenience, sustainability and lifestyle-products in this strategy?
  • How can we protect intellectual property or uncover underreported revenue from licensees, tackle fraud and avoid customer data theft?
  • What structural changes do we need in order to foster innovation, reduce time to market and react more flexibly to customer demands?
  • What are the opportunities, risks and alternatives arising out of regulatory changes influencing the retail and consumer goods industry (such as free trade agreements in the retail and consumer goods industry)?
  • What structures and processes will enable us to position our purchasing, production and distribution to become a successful player in the global marketplace?

How we can help?

As the number one professional services company, we have the proven industry expertise and customised services to support retailers and consumer goods manufacturers. We give you access to industry-leading know-how and established good practice networks on a regional, national, European and global level. We help you to:

  • Meet the triple bottom line (reporting of financial, ecological and social performance) along the entire value chain.
  • Use the latest technological developments to increase your productivity and expand to new business models or distribution channels.
  • Find where and how you can reduce costs by implementing shared service centres and using outsourcing/off-shoring. We optimise your processes in production, back-office, financial reporting and working capital management to respond to cost pressures.
  • Design efficient and reliable purchasing processes and value chains for lasting profitability.
  • Establish a risk management framework, ensure compliance and increase transparency (e.g. in regard to non financial reporting).
  • Optimise your sale of non operational assets
  • Find the right targets for acquisitions around the globe – for example to expand into emerging retail and consumer markets or to ensure strategic sourcing.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Accounting, reporting and auditing
  • Transactions, financing, restructuring and crisis management
  • Tax
  • Sustainability management
  • Systems, processes and organisation

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Biljana Bogovac

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