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People powered

Audit and digital IQ combined to deliver exceptional service. The PwC audit team brings the best of both worlds with equal parts audit and digital skills. From risk assessment to critical audit matters, your PwC team will navigate the process, guided by an unwavering commitment to quality and independence—and always considering what it means for your business, your stakeholders, and your team. So you get the best of human and machine, for a more powerful and personal audit.


Less data prep, less disruption, saves you time Say goodbye to email requests, complicated coordination, and where’s-the-document phone tag. We phase work throughout the year so audit season is less hectic and more predictable. What’s more, our Centers of Excellence (CoEs), staffed with teams that focus on a single area of the audit, use automation and standardization to take on high-volume work across the year. Together, we can complete much of the audit earlier, lessening the crunch time in the end and providing more timely issue resolution. So your people do less prep and have more time to run your business.


Enhanced quality, relevant audit plans, targeted testing. Like your business strategy, our audit risk assessment is not standard. We go deep into your industry and business, scanning and analysing your data to help identify more accurately where the risks lie using a full suite of data auditing and visualisation tools. By automatically transferring your data, we can better analyse, risk assess, spot anomalies, and direct audit focus and testing. So you can have more confidence that your audit testing is relevant and rightsized


Automations built by your engagement team — just for your audit On-the-ground innovation is possible because of our commitment to building a truly digital workforce— made up of people who are skilled and empowered to use the latest tech to solve audit challenges. From bots to automated workflows, tools made specifically for your audit will largely eliminate busy work and reduce the potential for errors. Whether you’re using leading ERP platforms or customized systems, we’ll identify where small automations can make a big difference to your time and ours during the audit process.


A real-time view across the globe like never before. A typical audit might surface unexpected problem areas that involve dozens of disparate teams—on your side and ours. Collaborative workflow tools ease the burden by automatically flagging and tracking outstanding items and issues identified through the audit for more immediate attention and resolution - in touch 24/7. And this approach is further enhanced through our effective, time-tested internal issue resolution process. So you have a real-time view into audit progress, anytime, anywhere.


Relevant insights into your business as a result of the audit With time saved on manual audit tasks made digital, your audit team—along with other specialists in finance, cybersecurity, and more—can focus on digging deeper into important audit matters in a new way. They’ll bring you deeper analysis, smarter anomaly detection, and the ability to spot audit-related trends. They’ll also deliver them visually, helping you see into your business better. So your audit is more relevant and full of insights.

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Get tomorrow's Audit, today.

Trust. Quality. Innovation. What does one have to do with the others? Everything. 

We need confidence in the machines that make our work more efficient, as much as we do in the people who harness them. That’s why we are facing digital disruption head on. To reimagine the audit with equal parts automation and human experience. And ushering in an experience revolution for you and your team. That’s tomorrow’s audit, today.


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