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ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

Working towards a sustainable tomorrow

ESG isn’t about ticking a box. It’s about making a difference - for the world and for your business. It’s about creating sustained outcomes for environmental and societal good. And governing your business responsibly and inclusively to build long term resilience. PwC's passionate community of solvers are ready to put in the work with you - environmentalists, sociologists, economists, strategists, technologists. We're here to help you turn business as usual into new ways of thinking and doing. Building trust today to secure a sustainable future.

A strategy led action plan

Business cannot continue to overlook the consequences of climate change in the pursuit of profit, or ignore the social impact of their practices. It's time to take action. To turn aspiration into a blueprint for success.  Creating impact through ESG means putting a tangible, practical plan in place. It should touch every part of every business - from investment to sustainable innovation. You need to sound a clear call-to-action for your entire organisation to follow. And you need to bring your best people and smartest technology together so your business can see more, go deeper and act swiftly. Ready to take on the biggest challenges, with the ability to flex your priorities. Staying ahead of vulnerabilities whilst creating new opportunities to shift the expected.

How we solve for the world's biggest challenges

Transformation inside for the outside

Success is no longer measured by finances alone, but by how well you prepare for and adapt to the realities of a highly dynamic world. We need continual innovation to inspire and lead positive change throughout our business communities From net zero to the circular economy, ESG is an approach that enables us all to take bold steps forward. We bring together an unexpected and dynamic combination of talent and technology- to help you to drive your ESG strategy into the heart of your business. Helping you make the operational, cultural and financial changes needed to deliver long term value. Transforming from the inside, to transform the lives of your people, customers and your community.

How we solve for a win for all

The measure of transparency

Responsibility. Sustainability. Diversity. These are the bywords of today’s businesses. But how can you be sure you measure up to them? We deliver the proven approaches and smart technologies to infuse ESG principles throughout your business – from finance and tax to people and value chains. And it’s only when we all take a proactive approach to proving our commitment – to all parties, internal and external – that real change will happen, with measurable success. Our team can orchestrate the right combination of data, metrics and disclosures for you to build a better, and transparently brighter future, earning greater trust for generations to come.


How we solve for a more transparent tomorrow


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Biljana Bogovac

Biljana Bogovac

Country Managing Partner, SEE ESG leader, PwC Serbia

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Marijana Trifunovic-Stefanovic

Director, Public Sector, PwC Serbia