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Finance Modeling & Data Analytics

Turn your data into a superpower

Good data in. Great insights out

Becoming data-driven starts by getting your  house in order. To benefit from data, you’ll need a strong data foundation.  Our data and analytics services typically focus on three areas:

  • Understanding the data you have and the data you need to develop or acquire - and what you need to create a solid foundation and drive data based insights.
  • Organising that data.  After you understand and procure the right data, you need to streamline, organise and integrate it - which typically involves data in the cloud, data lakes, and other emerging data storage and integration technologies.
  • Building trust in the data. It needs to be transparent and secure, with good data governance, data quality and data cleansing processes in place.

Together, we’ll develop your data and analytics strategy, form the right team to put the strategy into practice, and create a data driven culture.

How to use data and analytics? Your journey begins here

Data Strategy

Unlocking the power of data and analytics starts with a clear understanding of what strategic goals you want to achieve, and how to build an organisation that succeeds.

This is business strategy. So you need a partner who understands business.

Using data and analytics expertise, combined with an understanding of our clients’ businesses, we help you answer questions like:

  • How do I easily track my company‘s cash flows?
  • What are the KPIs I need to run my business?
  • How do we agree common and consistent metrics that drive collaboration across business functions or units?


So much data. So little time. How do you get the facts you need to run your business, fast, with minimal effort?

Data discovery does just this. It helps you quickly and easily discover outliers and detect patterns in your business. We’ll start by gathering and consolidating data from a number of sources across the organisation. Then we’ll help manipulate and visualise the data, and apply advanced analytics, so that you can spot trends or anomalies - and make better-informed decisions.

Visualization and decision-making

Compelling visualisations bring data to life. Yet only 31% of executives we spoke to in our Digital IQ Survey said they’re investing in data visualisation.

The brain is faster and more efficient at processing graphical representation of data. So visualisations can quickly help to identify trends, spot outliers and expose poor data quality. Not only can we work with clients to help them make decisions, but we can make visualisation a business tool that everybody uses. Through maps, charts and simulations, they can trial ideas, test scenarios and see the impact of their decisions. Every day. All across their business.

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Giedrė Cater

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Gintarė Čereškaitė

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