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Customer confirmation generator for 0% VAT

Easy VAT risk management in line with Regulation (EU) 282/2011

From 2020, when applying zero-rated VAT to intra-EU supplies, when the goods are transported by the customer to another EU member state, the supplier should obtain a written confirmation from the customer that the goods have been received, by the 10th day of the month following the supply.

We can imagine how long it takes to produce such statements by hand for each acquisition of goods from the EU. However, if no confirmations are collected, the supplier faces a higher risk that 0% VAT will be challenged by the tax authorities. When the transportation of goods is organized by the customer, we recommend that Lithuanian suppliers take over the control and send pre-filled confirmation forms to their clients. This should increase the chances to obtain the confirmations from the customers.

If your company acquires goods from the EU, you will soon be receiving requests from EU suppliers to provide them with such customer confirmations. Do not lose your precious time while drawing such confirmations by hand.

We have created a generator of confirmations. It generates confirmations compliant with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 282/2011 from the data you hold.  

The use of the generator is very simple:

Upload unsorted monthly data in relation to supplies and / or acquisitions from the EU.

Click the button “Generate”.

Confirmations are generated instantly for each customer / supplier for the entire month.

It is possible to export the confirmations to XLSX or PDF format as a separate document and attach it to the email to the customer / supplier.

Confirmations include all the data required by the Regulation. The text in English has been prepared by PwC VAT experts according to the good practice of VAT risk management.

Why is it useful for you?

  • Generate confirmations on the goods received from the EU for you and your customers automatically.
  • Manage 0% VAT risk automatically in accordance with Regulation (EU) 282/2011.
  • Save your time by generating evidence automatically while increasing your VAT risk management.

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