Performance Management

An organisation's strategy is a map that helps each employee in the organization to recognise the purpose of their activities and the expectations placed on them.

Each successful strategy must be accompanied by a clear implementation plan, defining responsibilities and indicators against which to measure progress.

PwC team is ready to help you develop your organisational strategy and a plan for its implementation.

Challenges faced by organisations

Description of the operational strategy of the organisation is not finalised and not communicated to different levels of the organisation

Operational performance indicators are not sufficiently linked with the organisation’s operational strategy and do not reflect its underlying provisions

Performance indicators are set separately for individual units of the company or organisation, and there is no common performance monitoring system

Managers and employees cannot give definite explanations about the connection between their activities and the strategy of the organisation and criteria used for the                            evaluation of their efforts

Limited performance or unexpected change in performance

Interconnection between the strategic and operational planning is not clear, the objectives across the levels are not interlinked

Establishment and calculation of operational performance indicators is performed on a non-systematic basis without regular re-assessment

There is no clear responsibility for the implementation of indicators

There is a need to adapt to changes, such as growing customer expectations and changes in the legal environment

Solutions offered by PwC

  • Assistance in formulating the operational strategy of the organisation or its particular activity in developing a system of strategic objectives according to the balanced scorecard methodology
  • Development and implementation of a complex organisation performance measurement and management system
  • Performance evaluation indicator systems evaluation and system selection
  • Establishment of operational performance indicators for different levels of the organisation’s objectives
  • Assistance in drafting requirements applicable in choosing and implementing the IT solution designed to calculate and manage operational performance indicators.
  • Analysis of performance indicator values and opportunities for improvement using the Perform model

What is Perform?

Perform is a management system developed by PwC to make the organisations more efficient.

The goal of this system is to increase employee efficiency and productivity by changing behaviour and using specific tools and methods, while embedding an empowering organizational culture. The project focuses on employee development, performance management, problem solving, and employee engagement.

Perform is an organizational change project in which the tools implemented become the “property” of managers and employees and continue to generate sustainable positive results.

How Perform can help your organisation?

Creates 20% - 30% more capacity

Improves work results and customer orientation

Increases employee engagement

Develops skills

Uses new working methods

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