Private Equity advisory services

Private equity funds in Korea continue to grow. At the end of 2016, a total of 383 private equity funds were active, a sharp increase from 110 in 2009. During the same period, funds managed by PEFs more than tripled, from 20 trillion won to 62.2 trillion won.

Private equity funds procure mid-to-long-term funds to invest in undervalued or restructuring companies, and then raise profit by performing exits after making a substantial profit. Through such investments, companies can increase its value and undergo restructuring for a more stable financial structure, while investors are provided with a more diverse choice of investment assets.

Private equity funds have experienced regular ups and downs, but the number of active PE funds have been on the rise in the 2000s, expanding into new markets for investment. Furthermore, expectations for private equity funds’ role in corporate restructuring and venture investments have been growing, and size of the private equity industry is projected for growth.

Deal sourcing, strategy for a stable PMI and continued growth, and exit plan regarding the investment portfolio are specialized services that we offer in order to enhance your return and differentiate your result from everyone else’s.

Our private equity advisory services provide a comprehensive service that encompasses all stages of the investment lifecycle, from deal organization to strategy, structuring, and exit plan, so that you can realize and create your own value.

PE CF – Deal sourcing & Exit advisory services

We provide deal sourcing advisory services that consider your investment cycle, industries of your interest, and synergy with your current investment portfolio, as well as exit advisory services that locate potential buyers and suggest the optimum exit timing.

Deal sourcing advisory services

We look for the ideal companies for your portfolio according to your interests and needs. We also provide advisory services for not only buyouts, but also other deal structures, including mezzanine financing and purchase of minor blocks.

Exit advisory services

We try our best to satisfy your needs and work out a deal that maximizes your return. We maintain a stable relationship with all of our clients and look for the ideal buyer that can recognize the true value of your investments. We also provide a comprehensive financial advisory services including deal structure and exit strategy planning. 


At times, private equity funds have to analyze deal and target at a different viewpoint than strategic investors (SI). Because of the differences, you need a specialized advisory service tailored to satisfy your specific needs. Challenges to a private equity fund include: 1. Classification of a suitable target, 2. Analysis of risk and upside potential through a due diligence process, 3. Successful exit based on adequate pricing.

In order to tackle these challenges, private equity funds require an experienced team capable of performing a professional business analysis and understanding the PEF value chain. Accordingly, our private equity team consisting of industry-leading professionals will offer a unique service that suits your needs.

Financial due dilligence

With years of accumulated experience, know-how, creative financial viewpoint, excellent understanding of industry and research capabilities, our team will provide the best quality service possible even in an environment with limited resources.

SPA advisory services

We provide SPA advisory services related to pricing mechanism, financial statement, assurance in detail, and adjustment of price from an accounting and tax point of view. We make sure that knowledge gained from due diligence and unique properties of a PEF are well-reflected in the agreement.

Data & analytics

In a world where big data is increasingly becoming central to analytics, we strive to provide valuable information to you by collecting, managing and interpreting data of your need.

PE CDD – CDD advisory services for private equity funds

An objective valuation of the target’s future prospects strategically and operationally is a must for private equity funds, which focus on investment returns.

Based on our experience in strategic issue analysis in various sectors, we aim to create a CDD service specialized to your needs by co-operating with our Deal Execution Team.

Investment decision advisory services

Through a valuation process that puts into consideration target sector dynamics and target’s current market position as well as quantification of the ‘walk-away price,’ we support a clear Go/No-Go decision-making.

Strategic positioning in the deal negotiation process

We ensure that you have an edge in the deal negotiation process through an analysis of the upside and downside of the target.

Improvement of returns

We assist you in the establishment of milestones for your new acquisition, from identification of value creation opportunities to actual expansion of values.

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