M&A strategy for value transformation

For sustainable growth, many companies pursue in-organic levers such as M&A. However, they often fail to achieve the intended purpose as they solely focused on the ‘success of M&A’ thus cause inaptness with existing business or neglected post integration tasks after M&A.

Samil PwC offers pre-deal and post-deal services under the banner of 'Capturing Deal Opportunity & Delivering Deal Value'.

Pre-deal service clarifies customer’s core competencies in creating new business of which could be perceived vague and ambiguous, sets the direction for new business with insight on dynamics of the related business area, and identifies the target for new business via M&A. These services are literally aimed at 'Capturing the Deal Opportunity' to meet customers’ needs.

Post-deal service aims to 'deliver the deal value’ originally intended by defining overall growth/strategic direction necessary after the acquisition or merger, integrating various regulation and system at a working level, and deriving alignment tasks.

Main Service

Capturing Deal Opportunity

Pre-deal service

Strategy Consultants of Samil provide series of tasks starting with specifying the direction of growth, selecting the business domain, until choosing the specific deal target. And achieving the above in a short span of time, Samil is favored by clients.

Delivering Deal Value

Post-deal service

Integration process after the acquisition or merger (PMI) is mainly about day-to-day activities of the company such as strategy, organization, human resources, finance/accounting, etc. However, the reason why PMI is difficult is that the time pressure of being ‘Day One’, and complicated condition as various topics simultaneously have causal relationships and cause issues.

Therefore, the area-specific experts in Samil work to deliver the deal value which clients intended by providing area-specific insight and smooth adjustment/control processes.

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