Deal Analytics

Deal Analytics

Samil PwC supports clients to make data-driven investment decisions and improve performance through data analytics.

Due to technological advancement and changes in the industry demographics, more data is being produced than ever before. However, many companies are facing challenges in analyzing and generating insights from abundant information. Consequently, participants of deal process, such as mergers and acquisitions, sales or restructuring, may forego opportunities to uncover meaningful value behind information or insightful analysis from available data.

Samil PwC uses industry and deal service expertise and the latest data analytics technology to assist clients solve the challenges faced by complex and massive data.

Samil PwC pursues value creation in the entire deal life cycle through its rich experience in deal and expertise in operation and strategy, combined with the use of the latest technology.

Preparation for Sale

using data analytics tools, analyze Seller's data to construct a more compelling investment story and to better understand and review the full value creation potential step by step.

Execution - sell side

through the interactive dashboard which applies latest analytics technology and BI visualization tools, the understanding of business value can be enhanced, and the growth story and key driver of the target company can be established.

Execution - buy side

by analyzing the entire accessible data provided during the acquisition process using data analytics tools, enhance understanding of the target company and assess the full upside value potential.

Post deal value creation

the company's data is analyzed and business performance is monitored in real time through the implementation of a KPI dashboard. This identifies value creation opportunities and optimizes business performance.

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