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Payroll & Benefits Solutions

Payroll & Benefits services

Payroll Processing

Our dedicated team, offers the below services:
  • Processing of monthly payroll and statutory bonuses, preparation and submission of tax/social security obligations that have arisen from payroll

  • Preparation of personnel cost per center or other classification and provision of respective payroll journal entries

  • Creation and submission of notifications to labor authorities

  • Processing of Benefits-in-kind

  • Calculation of gross to net/ net to gross scenarios

  • Computerised preparation of payslips

  • Preparation of the annual budget

  • Reporting designed based on your needs

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Payroll for Executives

We aim to create confidentiality around the remuneration and non-cash benefits of your executive team.

Together with our Tax team, we offer all payroll processing services to your executives and their family members, whilst providing tax briefing on executives’ taxation and relevant day to day advice.


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Payroll for Assignees

In partnership with PwC's global network of companies, we provide solutions to fully meet the needs of employees moving to and from other countries in order to ensure compliance with the laws of the involved countries.

We provide Payroll processing based on the salary buildup, review of the prerequisites for exceptions, such as social insurance or solidarity fee, and any support to the individual’s tax advisor for the preparation of the Income Tax Return. We also undertake the calculation of Benefits-in-kind for such employees.


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Benefits & HR Admin

We operate in close collaboration with your human resources department to make sure that any issues are solved in real time.

Our offering includes the design and implementation of HR admin processes, such as the composition of employment contracts, maintenance of employee personal data, responses to employee queries regarding payroll calculation, and other relevant issues. Also, we undertake the administration of benefits such as company cars, medical/health and pension schemes, and vouchers along with relevant reporting.


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Payroll Compliance

Our service is addressed to payroll, HR and finance departments, and executives, and assists them in the accurate calculations of wages based on the current legislation. 

We provide you with continuous updates and information on law changes through newsletters and assistance on the respective monitoring and implementation, in order to always stay compliant. We also undertake notifications to the labor authorities (through ERGANI).


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Payroll agent

We undertake and support the process of setting up a payroll agent of a foreign company.This offering applies to foreign companies that employ from one to a small number of employees to provide their services in Greece. The registration of a payroll agent takes place for the purpose of social security contribution and taxes arisen from payroll payment.

We provide you with the preparation of the documentation required for employees and the organisation, such as tax and social security contribution, registrations, the notification to the labor authorities, the obtaining of codes for logging in to all necessary sites and the payroll processing upon registrations’ finalisation.


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HRMS Services

HRMS as a service

Our solution includes a set of emerging technologies and ERPs supported by proven processes and effective central coordination, in order to meet your current and future business needs, by ensuring:

  • Information confidentiality, Integrity and Accuracy
  • Low cost of systems hosting and H/W upgrades
  • Applications customisation according to business growth
  • Constant access to new technologies with no setup and implementation risk
  • Use of strong security, backups and support services
  • Continuous operations of 24x7x365

The access is provided to the clients upon mutual agreement.

Self Service platform

This is an Off Self platform that dynamically supports the company and its employees to perform the following:

  • Access to employees’ contact details
  • Management of personal details
  • Submission of leave requests and relevant planning
  • Submission of other requests to the HR department
  • Certification requests
  • Management of monthly payslips
  • Time & Attendance management


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