Dispute analysis and investigation

Our team has in depth local experience in delivering the following services:

Independent business and solvency reviews: These involve undertaking either high level or in-depth financial and operational reviews of businesses, typically at the request of lenders, where the business is facing financial difficulties. The review identifies the key issues facing the struggling business, identifies options available to the business and the lender, and provides a recommendation of the way forward for the client.

Turnarounds and alternative exit solutions: We offer advice and hands-on implementation support to clients on improvements that will assist a struggling business to overcome its difficulties. Where appropriate, in order to preserve and maximise value for the stakeholders of the business, we identify and recommend actions such as sale of all or part of the business, a gradual wind down and closure.

Insolvency solutions: We offer formal insolvency services including receiverships and liquidations, to lenders and as advisors to the Official Liquidator.


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Investigations and forensic services

Our team has a thorough understanding of the nature and impact of economic crimes. Our staff are trained in forensic accounting and investigation techniques and our local knowledge and expertise is supplemented by support from our international offices as required. Our investigations and forensic services may be grouped as follows:

Investigations: Include working out what went wrong, quantifying losses where possible, identifying and securing evidence of wrong doing, using information technology and up to date techniques to uncover concealed information and preparing reports, affidavits etc. for use in legal proceedings to recover assets lost as a result of wrongdoing.

Asset recovery: We are able to assist our clients to unravel complex transactions involving the improper transfers of funds and assets leading to eventual recovery. We also advise on improvements that will minimise the likelihood of further losses and the identification of potential recoveries fro others less directly involved e.g. those who have assisted in the laundering of proceeds.

Prevention advice: We provide advisory services to help organisations put preventative measures in place. This typically involves fraud risk management reviews, which assist clients to make informed decisions on how best to mitigate exposure to fraud. We also identify, recommend and assist with the implementation of procedures that reduce the organisation’s exposure to fraud. 


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