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Our Government and public sector advisory group comprises the following services: Public sector, advisory, audit of donor/NGO related projects and human resource services.

Since World War II, the international community has not faced as much a threat to stability as is currently posed by spiralling poverty in developing countries, particularly in Africa. Yet a closer look at how governments in these countries deploy available resources shows a record of less than optimal performance on delivery of value-for-money and accountability.

Governments and development partners are, however rising to the challenge by embarking on comprehensive programmes to reform the public sector. At both the macro and micro levels, governments and their development partners are employing a variety of innovative initiatives to ensure that the benefits of public expenditure reach the targeted beneficiaries to reduce poverty and accelerate development.

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Our Government and public sector advisory group comprises the following services:

  • Public sector advisory
  • Audit of donor/NGO related projects
  • Human resource services

We are therefore positioned to provide advisory and assurance services to Governments and their development partners such as the International Financing Institutions and Non-Governmental organisations that are aimed at improving the performance of the public sector.

We integrate our expertise in policy analysis, strategic change, process improvement, financial management, human resource management, programme and project management, and information and communications technology to provide solutions to Government Ministries, Agencies and other Institutions as they strive to improve delivery of services to the people. In addition, Governments and their development partners deploy our services to obtain assurance that resources are expended on intended purposes and for optimal value.

Our range of assurance services includes financial audits, value for money reviews, pre disbursement assessments, fund management and financial management training. Our focus is on building capacity through developing systems and processes and enhancing institutional management.

A distinctive service provided is human resource. We provide support to our clients in the areas of institutional development and corporate restructuring. Our HRS group works with our clients to bring in-depth technical skills and knowledge to bear on businesses problems and issues.

Services provided include organisation design/development, HR strategy, executive search and selection, training, performance management frameworks, competency profiling, salary and benefits surveys, job evaluation/grading, compensation structuring and design of incentive scheme.

For assistance on:

  • Public policy advice
  • Support in implementation of Public Sector Reforms
  • Public Financial Management Information Systems design and implementation support
  • Advice on parastatals restructuring and regulations
  • Accountability and Assurance services
  • Human Resource services


By working in partnership with our clients, we obtain a thorough understanding of local issues and then draw on best practice solutions from our global network of skills and capabilities to deal with those issues.

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