Ghana Banking Survey Report 2022

Why banks can no longer ignore ESG: Views from Ghanaian bankers


In charting a path for sustained outcomes amidst crisis, there is the need to build future-proof businesses that will lead to a sustained world. According to our 24th Global Annual CEO Survey, 70% of CEOs are concerned about climate change and 53% want to improve the way they report their environmental impact. It is no longer good enough to focus on performance measured in terms of profitability or the strength of the balance sheet alone.

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) recently issued a monitoring guidance and reporting template for banks to provide biannual reports to the Central Bank. This forms part of the implementation process for the Ghana Sustainable Banking Principles & Sector Guidance Notes (launched in 2019) to help banks respond to emerging global issues which include environmental and climate change, socially responsible stewardship and corporate integrity.

It is within this context that we seek to understand the place of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices in our banking sector.

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