Ghana Banking Survey Report

In our last Ghana Banking Survey publication, we noted that “…the world’s future – as envisaged or forecast in 2025, 2030, in some cases 2050 – has become (or is fast becoming) our present; what many are calling the ‘new normal’.”

This observation remains true today with all types of socio-politico-economic actors all over the world seeming to be in a race to explore and exploit how they can accelerate and scale up the infusion of new or emerging technologies into the way they interact with their constituents or communities. Indeed, it is within this context that we view the announcement made by Bank of Ghana (BoG) of plans to issue a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the e-Cedi.   

We decided to use our 2021 Ghana Banking Survey to assess the banking industry’s knowledge and understanding of CBDCs and its readiness for BoG’s e-Cedi. This decision is an important one for us, as it aligns to our purpose of building trust and solving important problems.


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