Corporate Liability Management

The Corporate liability management (CLM) / Solutions for discontinued insurance business team provide operational consulting, restructuring and insolvency services to companies in the insurance industry and other businesses with long-tail liability issues.
Issues you may be facing:

Insurance advisory

  • You are a corporate with potentially significant or complex claims problems
  • You want to be more certain about liabilities and look for opportunities to release capital
  • You want an independent view on the effectiveness of your claims and reinsurance operations
  • You want to proactively manage your run-off to maximise shareholder value

Solvent schemes of arrangement

  • You want to bring finality to your run-off and extinguish all liabilities
  • You want to release capital from your run-off
  • You want to maximise the value of your run-off

Insurance insolvency

  • You are worried about the solvency of an insurer or broker
  • You are a director requiring advice in the event of potential insolvency.
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