Acceleration of mergers and acquisitions

PwC has an accelerated disposal methodology that delivers substantial value over and above what is usually recovered in an unplanned insolvency situation, which may be the next alternative outcome. Using this methodology, we work with stakeholders in the early stages (before options are limited) to provide a business sale which is properly orchestrated, delivered quickly, and managed according to the different agendas of the various stakeholders (equity, debt, management, customers, suppliers, employees etc). The timescales vary but can often be a matter of weeks rather than months - and in the most extreme situations can be a matter of days.

Potential issues

Your company is experiencing pressure on profitability, cash flow and/or balance sheet, which can be caused by a wide range of issues, including:

  • A sudden fall in demand for a product or service
  • Loss of a major customer
  • Pressure on margins
  • Change in working capital cycles (from both customers and suppliers
  • Failure to meet growth targets leading to an over leveraged balance sheet


How we can support you

  • With a process that meets the constraints facing your business, whether they be cash, time, customer/supplier pressure etc, utilising a breadth of skills and experience that cover corporate finance, restructuring, insolvency and tax
  • Maximise value by working with management in a troubled situation and exploring options with them to deliver a share sale, or business and asset sale
  • Manage stakeholders to provide a platform that will allow us to implement that process
  • Free up senior management time to continue to run the business
  • Avoid the stigma and loss of value of an unplanned insolvency


PwC's accelerated M&A services include

  • Share sale
  • Business and asset sale
  • Refinancing and fund raising
  • Reorganisation and restructuring

For business stakeholders experiencing pressure on profitability, cash flow and/or the balance sheet, we maximise value through the sale of shares or business and assets in a tight timeframe using a combination of corporate finance, restructuring, insolvency and tax skills/techniques.

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