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PwC Georgia as responsible business, hosts series of business events throughout the year for our clients and interested parties to learn, connect and share. Our experts are always ready to share their experience, knowledge and expertise in various areas.

11-12 June 2019

PwC Public Sector and Infrastructure Conference

As the wider CEE region needs as much as $3 trillion of investments over the next few years to meet the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), public and private sectors have to work closely together to create a legislative framework that encourages investments in this crucial field.

In this context, more than 90 Public Sector and Infrastructure Leaders from across the PwC network, together with representatives from International Financing Institutions and key decision makers from the public sector, have gathered in Tbilisi, Georgia, to find solutions for infrastructure development and meeting the global SDGs in the region. 

During the event, PwC public sector experts presented in detail the solutions developed in various CEE countries to help local governments successfully navigate the various challenges that they are faced with, such as the eGovernment initiatives undertaken in Slovakia, the tools for open data assessments, instruments for SDGs mapping across the value chain, best case scenarios for attracting FDIs, as well as ways for the disposal of non-performing loans by public sector institutions.

We were honoured to be joined 0n 11 June 2019 at our CEE Public Sector & Infrastructure event in Tbilisi, Georgia, by some important local stakeholders and decision makers for a lively panel discussion on how best to implement sustainable development projects in our region.

Thanks to our moderators Tamta Shermadini of PwC Georgia and Csaba Polacsek of PwC Hungary, and to our distinguished speakers: Irakli Karseladze, First Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Chairman of the Roads Department of Georgia; Aleksandre Revia, Head of Public Private Partnership Agency of Georgia; Ben Luckok, Regional Portfolio Manager - Eastern Partnership Hub, British Embassy Tbilisi; Catarina Bjorlin Hansen, EBRD Regional Director for Caucuses; and Louisa Vinton, UNDP Resident Representative in Georgia.

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24 April 2019

"Transfer Pricing" Business Breakfast

PwC Transfer Pricing team embarked on a journey to understand the impact of Transfer Pricing on the companies. During this breakfast session Ben Pietersen, TP Manager of PwC Georgia together with Giorgi Nikolashvili and Sergi Kobakhidze kicked off the updates on:

- Factual circumstances for local transfer pricing cases

- The challenged issues by Georgian Revenue Service

- The arguments of the disputing parties and the results of examination

- Recent developments and trends

19 April 2019

Workplace Innovation Masterclass in Change Management

PwC Georgia Academy and Jan Stepan, PwC Eurasia Academy Leader delivered Masterclass in “Change Management” for HR Managers. The various companies and industry representatives, mainly Human Resource professionals have attended the event. It covered the most hot topics and ended up with interactive Q&A session.  

“PwC Georgia Academy - We simply help you stay ahead of the game…”

19 April 2019

Legal Regulations for Microfinance Organizations

Nika Chomakhidze and Tamar Kankava, the PwC Georgia Legal team members have delivered the really hot issues for Georgia based microfinance organizations concerning: Review and statistics of regulations, discussed the Online loan contracts as well as Personal Data Protection topics and Measures against legalization of illicit income.

About 18 Microfinance Organizations representatives have attended the business breakfast and all positively evaluated the meeting.

26 February 2019

Safety Law

The Parliament of Georgia has adopted the law on Labour Safety, which fundamentally changes the obligations of the companies carrying out the hard, harmful or hazardous works. 

PwC held an interactive workshop on “Health Safety & Environmental Best Practices”. 

Speakers: Yekaterina Mischenko - HSE & Sustainable Development specialist from PwC Kazakhstan and Nikoloz Chomakhidze legal team representative from PwC Georgia introduced the latest trends of safety and environmental protection and new rights and obligations. PwC Australia team presented Health & Safety Best practices of Australia. 

Discussion Topics:

  • Occupational Safety Law - Georgia
  • KZ International Standards implementation experience
  • PwC HSE approach & international methodology

14 February, Open Seminar - Pension Fund

14 February 2019

Open Seminar – Pension Fund

Considering new regulations, new approaches in law enforcement, companies need to stay up to date on the rules of the game in order to have the capacity to respond quickly to the latest innovations, adjust their operations and minimise risks.

The Open Door Seminar “Pension Fund and related matters” took place on 14 February 2019 at King David Business Centre. PwC experts explored and shared the experience and demonstrated practical examples. 

7 December 2018, Business breakfast for SMEs

7 December 2018

Business Breakfast for Small and Medium Size Businesses- SME

The Business meeting for Small and Medium Size Businesses took place on 7 December of 2018 at PwC Georgia’s office. PwC Georgia’s experts and our special guest speaker representing EBRD discussed the new regulations and funding possibilities for the segment offered by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Topics discussed on the business breakfast:

  • Matters related to preparing of Financial Statements in accordance with the Law on Accounting, Auditing and Financial Reporting for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Legislative and Tax difficulties and Current Issues
  • Financial Management Support - EBRD Project for Small and Medium Enterprises - Financial Aid Mechanism, Possible Financing, Supporting Continuous Development of Businesses

28 November 2018, Transfer Price

28 November 2018

Transfer Price Business Breakfast

What is a transfer price?

A transfer price is a price applied in a transaction between related parties (two companies or a company and an individual).

A transfer price must be arm’s length, meaning it must match the market price that two independent entities would apply in a similar transaction under the same or similar (comparable) conditions.

The PwC Georgia Tax professionals discussed Transfer Price regulations and methods on the Business Breakfast delivered in November.

22 November 2018 Labour Law

Labour Law

22 November 2018; 1 February 2018; 15 March 2018

As part of our business legislative platform, we work to keep our clients and all interested parties updated on legislative issues and laws relevant to the business community.

PwC Georgia’s Legal representatives delivered interactive business breakfast concerning Labour Law:

  • Trial period
  • Overtimes
  • Terms of labour agreement
  • Worktime
  • Vacations
  • Labour agreement basics and termination procedures
  • Expected changes in labour law, including labour safety and pension fund

HR Business Breakfast

16 October 2018

HR Business Breakfast

Interactive Discussions on Talent Management as Part of Strategic Management was the main topic of the interactive Business Breakfast delivered by PwC’s People & Organization professionals from Kazakhstan and Georgia offices.

The main topics of the business meeting were how to:

  • Identify and unleash your talent
  • Develop and motivate your key people
  • Drive careers through succession planning

13 June 2018

Business Breakfast

Health, Safety & Environmental Best Practices:

  • Risk & Compliance management
  • Contractor management
  • People / Culture & Governance
  • Skill Development & Resources
  • HSE management System
  • Reporting / KPIs


27 March 2018

Real Estate Workshop

"Good Practices For Real Estate Portfolio Management" - Krzysztof Sakierski, PwC Poland, together with PwC Georgia advisory director Tamta Shermadini and other team members shared their experience around various topics related to real estate investment, property management, leasing activity as well as sale and purchase of properties with representative of state owned entities, development companies and investors.

Workforce of the future

17 April 2018

Workforce of the Future - The competing forces shaping 2030

Discussion topics:

  • Global HR megatrends
  • Influence of digital and artificial intelligence on working environment
  • 4 worlds of Work – Quiz and Interaction

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