Capital Markets

The Capital Markets group is well placed to support you with the many challenges you face

We provide services to Azerbaijani and international companies interested in conducting public or private offerings of securities in international capital markets, be it in the UK, the US, Hong Kong or elsewhere. Raising public capital requires the involvement not only of key management staff, but of a number of specialized advisors, most notably, auditors. Producing the documents required for raising debt or equity for an initial public offering (IPO) or secondary offering is a complex task, and the resources required are seldom found inside the business.

Once the capital has been raised, the journey does not stop there. Publicly traded companies are exposed to strict regulatory regimes, with a company’s success heavily dependent on the speed and professionalism with which it reacts to changes as they arise, and its ability to adapt to new circumstances. Private companies with new debt issuances could also find themselves subject to more ongoing reporting to analysts and investors than was previously required.

Our team

Our centralised team is based in Moscow and serves companies throughout Central and Eastern Europe. We have an international network of professionals around the world and are able to identify market and regulatory developments as they emerge, incorporating them into a forward-looking service for our clients.

Our services

Raising capital affects the business at various levels, and our service offering reflects this.

  • Advice on planning and project management issues
  • Conversion to IFRS or US GAAP accounting standards
  • Advice on adapting internal control and reporting systems (setting up risk detection and internal audit systems)
  • Advice on producing documents required for either an equity flotation or debt offering
  • Provision of comfort letter/due diligence reports
  • Advice on producing an external annual report
  • Advice on filing reports with regulatory bodies

Ongoing services

For businesses already active in capital markets, we offer a comprehensive range of audit and advisory services.

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