IFRS 2016: the latest developments and current issues


  • 14-16 December, 2016

Issues to be discussed

Day 1 and 2

IFRS 16 - Leases

  • Main requirements of the standard;
  • Lease definition, classification of lease or service contracts;
  • Assessment of lease liability;
  • Lessee accounting.

Practice of IFRS 15 - Revenue from contracts with customers

  • Revenue recognition from contracts with customers;
  • Agent or principal;
  • License accounting.

Current issues of accounting for deferred taxes in accordance with IAS 12

  • Uncertainty in calculation and recognition of tax;
  • Recognition of deferred tax assets for unrealised losses.

Case study: Presentation of financial statements

  • Amendments and clarifications to IAS 1 - Presentation of financial statements;
  • Classification of liabilities;
  • Offsetting financial assets and liabilities;
  • Amendments and clarifications to IAS 7 - Cash flow statements.

Current issues of asset impairment test

  • Requirements of the standard for determination of cash generating unit;
  • Methods of assessing the recoverable amount of asset, their main differences;
  • Discount rate.

Recent documents and current projects of IASB

Day 3 (optional)

Practice of IFRS 9 - Financial instruments

  • Debt and equity classification of financial assets;
  • Classification of financial liabilities;
  • Assessment of business model;
  • Model of expected credit loss on impairment of financial assets;
  • Hedging.

Case study: classification of financial instruments on debt and equity instruments

All topics include practical exercises

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