PwC 26th Annual Global CEO Survey: Armenia and CEE Results

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Winning today’s race while running tomorrow’s

  • How much is your mood today affecting your view of tomorrow?
  • What’s the half-life of your business?
  • How much time and money are you investing in the future?

Today’s tensions

  • Nearly three-quarters of CEOs project global economic growth will decline a dramatic change from last year, when 77% believed growth would improve during the year ahead.
  • In response to the current economic environment, CEOs report cutting costs and spurring revenue growth, but most don’t plan to reduce the size of their workforce or compensation.
  • To mitigate exposure, companies are increasing their investments in cybersecurity or data privacy, adapting supply chains, and adjusting their geographic footprint.
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CEOs globally are extremely pessimistic about global economic growth for the year ahead, in a dramatic shift from last year's optimistic outlook

CEOs in Armenia have comparable level of optimism about global economic growth for the year ahead, compared to CEOs in CEE and globally

CEOs in Armenia are more confident in their own company’s growth compared to CEOs in CEE and globally

The race for the future

  • ~40% of respondents said that their company would not be economically viable in 10 years on its current path.
  • The CEOs doing the most are the ones who feel the most exposed.
  • CEOs cite evolving customer preferences, regulatory change, labor/skills shortages, and technology shifts as the biggest potential sources of industry disruption.
  • Over the next 12 months, CEOs feel most exposed, financially, to inflation, economic volatility, and geopolitical risk.
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Nearly 30% of CEOs in Armenia don’t think their companies will be economically viable a decade from now if they continue their current path

Over the next 12 months, CEOs in Armenia see climate risk impacting their physical assets and cost profiles more than their supply chains

         To what extent do you expect the following areas of your business to be impacted by climate risk in the next 12 months?

Geopolitical conflict, inflation and macroeconomic volatility stand out more prominently from other key threats in the next 12 month in Armenia

A balanced agenda

  • CEOs want to spend more of their own time evolving the business and its strategy, and less time driving current operating performance.
  • Nearly 3 in 4 companies are investing in automation, upskilling, and deploying advanced technologies such as AI.
  • ~60% of investments are focused on reinventing the business for the future, and 40% on preserving current business.
  • When companies collaborate, it is primarily to create new sources of value rather than solve societal challenges.
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CEOs want to spend more time reinventing their business

During your work time, on average, what percentage of time do you spend on each of the following?

Knowing what you know now, if you could start over with a blank calendar, how would you allocate your time as CEO?

Many CEOs globally question whether critical preconditions for organisational empowerment and entrepreneurship are present in their companies

For each of the statements below, please indicate how frequently these occur in your company

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