Risk Assurance

Risk is a fact of life. Prepare for what's around the corner. Grow. And gain a competitive advantage.

Challenging economic trends, volatile world events and disruptive technology are leaving organizations more vulnerable to risk than ever. Many are fast adapting to this new dynamic and have implemented processes and controls to manage it.

Still, boards and management need to take a holistic approach to risk, moving from reactive and compliance driven, to proactive and forward looking. Risk should be a strategic driver of performance and value creation. This is what PwC can help you achieve.

Diagnostics of Business Processes and Internal Controls

PwC Armenia is ready to assist you in responding to today’s challenges by analysing the state of your key business processes and internal controls. As part of this, we will perform a diagnostics of your compliance with the GDPR, analyse your business continuity planning and review the setup of your key processes. We will explore your information security and IT risk management systems, as well as analyse your IT governance framework and IT environment.

To help you to address these critical tasks, we will provide recommendations that draw upon PwC’s vast experience as well as upon industry-specific best practices. 

“Risk Assurance provides a robust framework to allow for defensive tactics as well as value creation through offensive activities.”

Greg PitzerCEE Risk Assurance Leader

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Inga Shakhnazarova

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