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"Taxwise or Otherwise" discusses the latest developments in tax and business law in the Philippines. It also dissects current issues affecting the business community, including policy development.

Writers are taken from a pool of business and tax consultants of Isla Lipana & Co., the Philippine member firm of PwC global network. Columns regularly appear in the BusinessWorld newspaper.

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Easing requirements for changes in companies’ addresses (Taxwise, 18 September 2014)

IN AN ERA when almost any information can be found through the Internet, a not-so-techie person can get lost in a myriad of information available on the Web. In some cases, searching for information requires a bit of navigational skill in order to get you through the stack of unnecessary search results appearing on your browser. It would be a lot easier if someone would just drop the specific uniform resource locator (URL) or Web site address needed to lead us straight to the desired location.



Easing requirements for changes in companies’ addresses (Taxwise, 18 September 2014)

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