PayWell Mongolia: PwC Compensation survey

Salary Surveys provide companies with ability to compare to the market practice the level of their employees’ compensation and offered benefits package.

PayWell Report contains:

• Base pay
• Variable pay
• Target bonuses
• Total compensation

Survey Features:

• We consider all elements of compensation: base salary, variable pay, benefits and pay policy
• We improved our job catalogue by way of adjusting the job positions to the Mongolian market
• We use a combination of two approaches: functional job descriptions and hierarchical levels
• Conducted since 2010
• The largest Mongolian and multinational companies participate in our surveys
• Convenience, simplicity and individual consultation in filling out questionnaires
• Materials are available in two languages in electronic format through on-line platform
• High standards of data privacy


How PwC PayWell Survey can help you in:

  • Developing compensation policies and benefits package according to the market practices
  • Defining competitive level of remuneration of key employees
  • Planning salary review in your company based on market indicators